Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Quebec Trip #4: Ghost Walk Pt1: David McClean's Ghost

L to R: Nick, Mike and Tom on ghost walk
In this blog about our trip to Old Quebec, we'll tell you one of the stories from the ghost walk. 

GHOST TOURS OF QUEBEC - If you go, definitely get a tour through Ghost Tours of Quebec at 34 Boulevard Champlain, Ville de Qu├ębec, QC G1K 4H7, Canada, Phone+1 418-692-9770

This one was particularly creepy because it was about an innocent man who was visiting Quebec from Rhode Island (U.S.)  and was wrongly convicted of treason and sentenced to death by the city lawmakers.
Location of David McClean's execution

THE LOCATION -  We stopped at the corner of the Museum of Civilization and heard the story of  David McClean who was a merchant who visited Quebec. That corner actually used to be the location the wharf was in 1796, when McClean visited. (You'll see later how the shoreline kept moving from the river as more dirt was brought in.)
  This location was special to the story because it was where David was hanged for being a traitor to Canada. Of course he was framed because he was not a citizen (as we mentioned earlier). So the sentence made no sense. He was also apparently beat up before he was hanged (and dismembered), too. 

 SENSING HIS GHOST - As you know, we have the ability to sense ghosts or spirits, and I (Rob) felt like my teeth were kicked in and blood was dripping from my mouth. (not a good feeling, but sometimes ghosts will make people feel the pain they endured before they passed).  I assume that's what happened to David before his sentence was carried out. I also felt as if my fingernails were scraped the ground. I was also very, very dizzy. Ghosts will give you a sensation of how they died to prove their identity.

NEXT: Ghost Walk Pt 2: The Haunted Street With Vacant Houses

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/7_vgb-bPgqI


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