Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Note of Thanks to ALL- for sympathy with my Dad's passing

I've been overwhelmed by the incredible support and sympathy in my dad's memory. Friends and co-workers have sent notes, cards, emails, calls and donations in my dad's memory. Only a few had the pleasure of knowing my Dad.
As people at his wake said "Your dad never had a bad word to say about anyone." What a testament to my dad's great personality. How many people can you say that about? I know that I've even complained about the way some people behave or treat others.
Tom and I are overwhelmed with the support, and very thankful for each of you in our lives. Every word means a lot.
We appreciate the donations that have been made in my dad's memory, too - to places like the American Heart Association (because he passed from a stroke); an educational program to provide books to school children (because he loved to read); a local animal shelter (because he loved dogs and wanted another); and the Christopher Reeve Foundation (Superman of the 1970s-80s movies). My dad was a superhero to me. He taught me patience, love and kindness. He inspired me to read, write, communicate, and always want to learn more. He always stood by every decision I made, from radio to meteorology, from moving away to settling down.
Thanks again to all of you who have shown compassion, sympathy, support and friendship. Those are the greatest gifts, and I'm very blessed to have you all in my life. - Rob

Friday, August 22, 2008

Visit For Important Pet Product Information

Attention Pet Owners! Our friend Jack Gregory sent us a link to the CONSUMERIST Website- that has the latest consumer info on a lot of things- but we focus on Pets - so go here to find the latest Consumer info on Pet Products:
Here are soome of the current stories:
1) Owner Calls For Chew Toy Recall After Dog's Injury Results In Tongue Amputation
2) Petsmart Tries To Sell You Something To Stop The Bleeding They Started
3) Meat byproducts: Hey, Guess What Bully Sticks Are Made Of?
4) Keep Your Eye On $24 Million Recalled Pet Food Class Action
5) Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Purina Dog Food (Same cost, but smaller bags of food)
The Consumerist is published by Gawker Media. They live and die by reader tips. Send them to Complain about a shoddy product or subpar customer service.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More pics of our Patio Roof- in progress-

#1) First Frame is Up

#2) Jack Hammering the bracing between planks

#3)Basic Roof Done- now we need to put the shingles, tar, and railing atop it, and paint it!

#4) Our Helpers- Dolly and Franklin running to chase evil squirrels away from the workers!

PART#4- My Dad's Presence at his Services - Into the Light and Electricity

This is last chapter associated with my Dad's services, and how he made himself known to me. This was also the first time I ever saw "the light" that spirits pass into. It was almost unnnerving. - Rob
After my Dad's funeral, which was extremely difficult as you would expect, we got back in the limousine and were driven to the cemetery, about 15 minutes away. I sensed that dad was driving with his body in the hearse ahead of us, then he came back and sat with us in the limo. Although there were no physical seats left open, he was in there with us. As I mentioned, spirits don't need physical seats to be there.
At the gravesite, I was seated next to my mother and 3 other family members facing the casket, which was surrounded by flowers from the funeral home. All of which were under a tent on this cloudy, unusually cool August day in New England.
While the priest was reading at the casket, and during the playing of taps in the background (the military supplied two soldiers for taps and folding of the flag), I sensed my dad standing on the left side of the tent, in front of the line of seats we were sitting in. He was very pleased by the tributes. Right after Taps finished, I saw a bright white light to my right, and asked my sister-in-law, Dawn, who was sitting to my right if she saw it. She didn't. I had never before seen "the light" that spirits pass into to go to Heaven.
I looked over to where the light was coming from. It was on a small hill just outside the tent and about 30 feet behind where the funeral home director was standing. I then saw figures come into focus. From right to left were my grandmother (dad's mom) holding an infant, her 2nd husband (my Dad's step-dad "Pop,") and her 1st husband (my dad's father), then my mom's parents. Sitting in front of them were three dogs: My parent's first dog Penny, the cocker spaniel; their second dog, Gigi, a poodle, and my puppy Buzz, a Weimaraner, who was killed by a car when his leash opened. They were waiting for my dad. I was overwhelmed and choked up.
Someone sang the "Our Father" and that was the last part of the service.
I then sensed my dad walking past mom and I and the others and into the light. The light was fading as the service ended, and people were turning to depart. I told my mom and Tom what had happened. I'll never forget that.

"Apport" is the action of a spirit or Earth-bound ghost to move things in a house. That's what we experienced.
On Tuesday, before the services, Tom, my Mom and I had put out two items in my mom's kitchen that we needed to do two tasks. One thing was a piece to the sink that Tom was going to install, and the other was a wallet with some of my dad's credit cards. We had put the sink piece on the kitchen counter on Tuesday, and Tom was going to fix it. When he went back later that day, it was missing. It simply wasn't there. Same thing with the wallet. Missing.
On Wednesday, my mom, Tom and I had been still looking like crazy for those items. My mom asked my dad aloud to help find these things. The next day, Thursday, we walked in the kitchen, the faucet piece was on the kitchen window, and the wallet was on the counter. There was no one else in the house.
On Friday, Tom and I were trying to help my mother with some things around the house. One thing we needed to fix was an electric outlet that suddenly stopped working Wednesday night, the day of the wake. I had a feeling that my dad was hanging around my mom's house that night (Wednesday) hoping to keep watch over her. Usually, Earth-bound spirits that hang around affect electricity, so this was no surprise to me that the outlet that she had the coffeemaker plugged into just suddenly stopped working.
The other odd electric thing that happened was the backyard floodlight suddenly went out that same night, Wednesday. Mom and Tom kept asking what was suddenly wrong with the electric things in the house. I told them how Earth-bound spirits who are hanging around (even until they pass) can affect electric things.
On Friday, Tom and I took a ladder out, propped it against the back of the house, and replaced the floodlight. We flipped the switch, and the light didn't go on. We flipped it over and over to no avail. Not having another new bulb, we let it go. I asked my dad for his help to make things work and thought that now that he passed into the light, he could help.
Tom dutifully then replaced the electric socket, and the plug then worked. Later that night, Tom let our dogs out in mom's fenced in yard, and flipped the switch out of habit. The light went on. I knew my dad took care of it.


The Dark Knight and Iron Man were two highest-grossing titles of the summer, amassing over $471 million and $317 million respectively in North American receipts so far. Ranked fourth, with $225 million, was "Hancock," starring Will Smith as a hung-over, often reckless superhero.
Somewhat a superhero, the summer's No. 3 movie, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," grossed $315 million. "The Incredible Hulk" was No. 10 with $134 million, while "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army," landed at No. 24 with nearly $75 million. Other bright spots included chick flick "Sex and the City" and the animated hits "Wall-E" and "Kung Fu Panda."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PART #3 - My Dad's Services- His Spirit Shocks My Mom and I at the Funeral

This is the third installment of how my dad's spirit kept in contact with me during the events after his passing.

The next day was the funeral. I was dreading that. We all met at the Funeral Home at 10 a.m. to say our last goodbyes. Before we left for the funeral at a Catholic Church about 5 minutes down the street, I struggled to read my tribute to my dad (that I had written on my blog the night he died) followed by the last letter he wrote me dated June 18, 2008. We then left for the funeral.

My mom and I were seated in the front pew of the church with my partner Tom and I on each side of her. My brothers and their wives were behind us in the second pew, because each of them gave their eulogies at church. I opted to do mine at the funeral home, because it was funny and serious, and I knew the setting would be better for me.

Here's where my dad really came through. My mom was crying hard at one point and holding tissues over her face. My dad came into my head and said "Tell your mother to use my handkerchief." My dad always carried handkerchiefs, mom never did. She didn't like them. My mother looked at me with a look of surprise and shock and said "How did you know I have a handkerchief in my pocket?" Answer: I didn't know. My dad told me. I told my mom that Dad was there and he told me to tell her that. She pulled out the hanky and used it, and it calmed her to know he was there. I was as surprised as my mother was, because I knew that in my 45 years I've never seen her use a handkerchief.

My mom knows and understands that I'm a medium of sorts. If she didn't believe me before, she certainly believed me then. I also sensed that my dad was standing behind my mom during a large part of the services, despite the fact that one of my sister-in-laws were sitting directly behind mom. Spirits don't need physical space like we think of it.

Another sign I received from my dad was a feeling of how he died. I was still sitting in the pew next to my mom and Tom, and at one point, I felt a warm sensation in the left side of my chest become hot, and spread through the left side of my chest and down my right arm. My dad passed from a stroke, and I have no idea what a stroke feels like, and am unsure if this is how it may feel. I do know, however, that my dad was telling me that it was a heart issue that took him from Earth.

The next and final part of my dad's coming to me during this traumatic week occurred at the gravesite. I'll post that next.

Monday, August 18, 2008

PART #2 -My Dad - His First Sign to Me at the Wake

Tom, I, and our dogs arrived at my mother's house on Monday, August 4 after a 10 hour drive. We spent the next two days helping make arrangements with my brothers and the funeral home and church.

On Tuesday, my mom asked why she couldn't dream of my dad. I explained to her that he hasn't passed into the light yet, and would do so after the funeral. Once he's in the light, he'll be able to come to her in her dreams.

Wednesday, August 6 was the day of the wake. The funeral director was incredible. She thought of everything, and even sent a full course dinner for 10 over to my mother's house the night before. My family, consisting of my mother, my two brothers and their wives, and my partner and I, arrived at the funeral home at 3 p.m. It was unnerving walking in that front left room of the Lydon Funeral Home. The open casket was at the far end of the room, and I could see my dad. As anyone can attest, it's a shock to see your loved one in that state. I kept trying to focus on the fact that he's okay, and his spirit is most likely around. I've read that everyone sticks around for their wake and funeral, and my dad let me know this was to be no different from what I've heard.

Just before the visiting hours for Dad's wake began, I had the entire family sign the last book he was in the middle of reading, Brad Thor's "The First Commandment," and we put in inside the casket with him. Also, because he loved the Red Sox (Baseball), my younger brother and his wife had their young sons sign "I love you Papa" on a baseball, which they also put in the casket.

The wake began at 4 p.m. and people began filing in. My dad was well known in the insurance business for over 50 years, and taught insurance to classes for decades. He was also in the army and a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization.

My younger brother is in local politics, so police and sheriff and local politicians came, in addition to friends, co-workers, and extended family.

As usually happens when I'm in the presence of a spirit of Earth-bound ghost, I developed a headache in the lower back left part of my head. I sensed my dad. He was standing at the foot of his casket looking at himself as people started filing in and past it. He watched them greet the receiving line of family members with my mom at the front. I sensed after awhile that Dad went over and stood next to my mother while she was greeting people, then, he sat in a chair across from where Tom and I were standing while the Knights of Columbus and then the Morrissette Post legionnaires did prayer tributes to him. He seemed pleased and honored by those. He let me know that he was there, and that he was okay. He was concerned about my mother's well-being, as he had been so devoted to her in life.

The wake ended at 8 p.m. and everyone dispersed. I'm not sure where my dad went at that time. (PART #3- Coming Next -Dad's Spirit Surprises My Mom and I at the Funeral)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Entire Weekend- Building a Patio Cover

PHOTO #1- Before anything.
Home projects never end with us, and this weekend was a BIG one. Tom designed a wood-frame patio cover to be built over our new concrete patio. We bought some supplies Friday night, more Saturday and more Sunday.

PHOTO #2 - First framing is up.
Our friend Jack spent the entire Saturday with us, working from 11am to 6pm. Our neighbor Harry came over, too, and brought tons of tools. We think he has everything.

PHOTO #3 - Rob the Job Photographer - self that Jack's behind?
Rob photographed this one all by himself! What talent!

PHOTO #4 - Sunday's Job with Tom and Rob (and some great help from neighbor Harry)- the ROOF went on... (just needs the tar part next weekend.

In short, we spent a total of almost 16 hours on this project today - just building it, not including buying the stuff and transporting it. It's Sunday night at 9pm EDT, and we're both exhausted and aching all over.
That was a weekend??

Saturday, August 16, 2008

PART ONE - Supernatural experiences with my Dad's Passing

Here's the first part of an overwhelming week of events - the week my dad passed. Not only did my Dad give me many signs he was there and he was okay, but when you read the following, you'll see that someone was watching over my mom at the time of my dad's death, too. I believe it was my mother's parents.

Spirits Watching Over my Mother
The night my dad passed away (8/2/08), my parents had gone out to eat dinner, as they usually did on Saturday nights. This day, they decided to go to a restaurant that was about 45 minutes west of where they live, which also happens to be 2 towns away from where my older brother lives.

After dinner, they decided to go shopping at Kohl's department store in Framingham, Massachusetts. After shopping they came back to the car, and dad searched his pockets for his keys. Instead, he found a hole in his pocket, and assumed his keys slipped out in the store. Interestingly enough, the keys didn't slip out while they were at the restaurant, or before they went into the store.

So, my mom waited at the car while dad ambled back toward the front door of the store to ask if someone turned in his keys. My mother grew concerned when dad didn't come back after a short time, so she started walking back toward the store. She looked down and saw my dad laying in the grass, grasping the grass with his hand. He had had a stroke and couldn't speak. My mother screamed for help.

At that time, a woman in the parking lot ran over to my mom with her cell phone. She asked mom for a phone number of a nearby relative after calling 911 first. My mother couldn't remember my older brother's phone number. When the woman asked my brother's name, coincidentally, she knew that a friend of HERS knew my older brother, who lived 2 towns away. How strange is that? (Not strange when you think that a spirit watching over my mom was guiding that woman through the parking lot at the right time).

The woman called her friend and got my older brother's phone number. She then called him and told him what had happened, and he raced over to the store to meet up with my mother and the ambulance.

That was NO coincidence that this woman, who lives 2 towns away from my older brother, had a friend who knew him. That was divine intervention. A spirit who was watching out for my mother, provided this incredible link.

My dad had passed either in the ambulance or by the time he arrived at the hospital. I don't know. That night, however, was the first of many supernatural signs. The rest would be from my dad appearing to me in many ways, and proving to my family that he was there. I'll get to that next time.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

*DONE!* Help Fran (Balt Teacher) Get Books for Her School?

GREAT NEWS (8/18/08) - Fran achieved her goal of donations, and can now secure a grant to get books for her elementary school! I Removed the Link today**
Hi All - Normally I don't post requests for donations, but my friend Fran is an elementary school teacher in Baltimore City (in a VERY poor neighborhood), and wrote a proposal that would award her school much needed books. She needs any kind of donation, and needs a total of $182 more to be funded.
I Think it would be a nice tribute to my DAD, who passed away on 8/2, because he LOVED BOOKS, and he inspired me to read. - Thanks, Rob

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How To Stop Credit Card Marketing Solicitations / and Do Not Call List

Here's some helpful news (that we're doing)to Stop Credit Card Solicitations: How to stop credit card marketing solicitations - by removing your name and address from the marketing lists provided by the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. By calling (888) 5 OPT OUT (888-567-8688) you can request removal.
TO GET ON THE "MARKETERS DO NOT CALL LIST": (per the Federal Communications Commission):
You can register your home phone number(s) on the national Do-Not-Call list by phone or by Internet at no cost. To add your home phone number to the national Do-Not-Call list via the Internet, go to To register by phone, call 1-888-382-1222 (voice) or 1-866-290-4236 (TTY). You must call from the phone number you wish to register. For more information on the national Do-Not-Call list, visit our Web site at

Even the Birds Know the Earth's Climate is Warming

Here's something interesting, especially for people who don't believe in "Global Warming" - even the birds are migrating further north due to warmer temperatures.
8/12/08- A study by researchers at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) has documented, for the first time in the northeastern United States, that a variety of bird species are extending their breeding ranges to the north, a pattern that adds to concerns about climate change.
Focusing on 83 species of birds that have traditionally bred in New York state, the researchers compared data collected in the early 1980s with information gathered between 2000 and 2005. They discovered that many species had extended their range boundaries, some by as much as 40 miles.
"They are indeed moving northward in their range boundaries," said researcher Benjamin Zuckerberg, whose Ph.D. dissertation included the study. "But the real signal came out with some of the northerly species that are more common in Canada and the northern part of the U.S. Their southern range boundaries are actually moving northward as well, at a much faster clip."
Among the species moving north are the Nashville warbler, a little bird with a yellow belly and a loudly musical two-part song, and the pine siskin, a common finch that resembles a sparrow. Both birds have traditionally been seen in Northern New York but are showing significant retractions in their southern range boundaries, Zuckerberg said.
Birds moving north from more southern areas include the red-bellied woodpecker, considered the most common woodpecker in the Southeastern United States, and the Carolina wren, whose "teakettle, teakettle, teakettle" song is surprisingly loud for a bird that weighs less than an ounce.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Thanks for your Support on my Dad's Passing

To all our friends who emailed, called, sent a card or flowers - Thank you so much for your words and actions of comfort to us and my family last week after the sudden passing of my dad on 8/2.
We just returned home from Boston after being there a week. It was a difficult week as expected. My mom is having emotional ups and downs, and is at a loss in many different directions, but my brothers, their wives, Tom and I have been trying to help piece things together.
We learned that it's important to make sure your partner has up to date records of all credit cards, bank statements, bills, and insurance. We're now piecing the puzzle together.
Because Tom and I had to return home to Maryland, we needed to help do things as soon as possible, (so my two brothers and their wives wouldn't have to do it all). Tom and I helped fix faucets and electrical stuff, and with clothes, bills, paperwork, books, etc. It has been a whirlwind. My brothers (they live there) are helping finish organizing finances (it's a big job, and I'll likely be flying up soon (not driving as we just did, because it took 11 hours on the trip back) to help with more stuff. Thanks for your prayers, thoughts, notes and more.
**I've NOW Edited the entry I wrote on August 2nd, so it reflects what I read at the funeral home of my dad's viewing**
Love, Rob and Tom

Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2, 2008 - My Dad Passed Away Today (REVISED 8-10-08)

I'm numb. I got a call from my younger brother Doug tonight around 8pm EDT, and he told me that my dad passed away. I'm numb. Doug said that my mom and dad were out shopping at Kohls in Framingham, in western Massachusetts when he had a stroke. My mom was waiting at the car for dad to come back from the store, where he said he had accidentally left his keys. He didn't return, so mom went looking for him after a short while, and found him lying in the grass.
My dad was born Nov. 8, 1928. He was the only child in his family, although there was a boy that was miscarried before my dad was born (I think). Dad grew up in Quincy, MA, and did a stint as a U.S. Military Policeman in the Army during the Korean War. He also played the trumpet in the army and in nightclubs. He led a big band of sorts, we called it "Buddy and the Big Notes" although I now know it was "Buddies." Buddy was his nickname. He and mom married on June 19, 1955. They had three boys, and I was the middle son.
My dad, Edward Joseph Gutro, was 79. I talked with him on Thursday, July 31st, and it was an average day. He told me what he and mom were doing. I told him what Tom and I and the dogs were up to. He was looking forward to convincing my mother to fly down to Maryland to visit us, as my parents haven't been to Maryland for many years.
My dad was the most patient man I've ever known. I learned a lot from my dad. Patience, tolerance, love. At Christmas 2007-2008, when Tom and I and the dogs were up visiting, Mom said something to my Dad, and he raised his hand, waved it, and said "Baaaaah." That was really funny, and now Tom and I do it to each other.
{NEW NOTE: Last fall when Tom and I were visiting mom and dad, we went to Home Depot, and were in the garden shop with them, when Mom bumped into a plant all the way down the aisle from where we were standing. We immediately heard Dad say loudly, "Norma did it!" and we laughed out loud.
Dad loved reading mysteries and espionage books. That's where I got my love for reading. (NEW NOTE: During the wake, I had the entire family sign the last book he was in the middle of reading, Brad Thor's "The First Commandment" - and we put in inside the casket with him. Also, because he loved the Red Sox (Baseball), my brother Doug and Wife Sue had their young sons Brian and Scotty (5 and 4) sign "I love you Papa" on a baseball, which they also put in the casket).
When my younger brother Doug and I were kids, Dad would take us with him every Saturday to do errands, and stop at a local drugstore to buy us superhero comic books. Mom hated for us to keep bringing them home, so Dad had us roll them up in our sleeves and walk in the house- we'd promptly disappear into the bedroom and Doug and I would read them together.
My Dad loved to write. Since I left Massachusetts to live in other states, Dad has written me, and I've kept every letter. Those are priceless to me. Dad inspired me to write and now I make a living doing it.
Dad was extremely well known throughout New England in the insurance industry. He worked in it for about 50 years, and even taught classes. Despite his being "retired" he still loved working part time. In fact, last week, an insurance company called and asked him to work for them part time. This week, the last week of his life on Earth, he worked 4 out of 5 days. That was Dad. Great work ethic.
When I came out to mom and dad, it was my dad that kept talking to me, while my mom refused for 5 months. My dad didn't understand it, but said it wouldn't stop him from talking to me. I'll never forget that. Everytime I talked to Dad or Mom, I would always tell them I love them before I got off the phone. That's the way I was raised, and It's very important to do that with everyone in your life.
My dad's spirit may have left his physical body behind, but he lives in the hearts and minds of those who love him.
Oddly enough, I'm writing a book about ghosts and spirits, because I've had so many encounters with them. I know that when a spirit leaves its body they linger until the funeral then pass into the light, so my Dad is watching over my mother right now. I expect to "hear" from dad, too. Right now, though, I'm just numb. I love my dad with all of my heart, and was blessed to have him as long as I had. He had a heart attack in 1990, when I lived in New Hampshire and we thought we'd lose him. We didn't. We've enjoyed my dad for another 18 years, and that is a gift. I thank God for all the extra time we've had, and I'm writing this to let my dad know just how much I truly loved him. I'll miss hearing your voice, Dad, but you're always going to be in my heart and soul. I love you. - Rob

Donations may be made in the name of Edward Joseph Gutro to the American Heart Association.
{NEW NOTE: At the end of my reading this blog aloud at the funeral home, I also read the last letter Dad wrote to me, dated June 18, 2008, about my older brother Stephen's upcoming 50th birthday party. The party was held in July, and I flew in and out for it. - I think that Dad was waiting for that party to have everyone there, so he could pass in peace}.

What's Our Typical Saturday Like?

There can never be enough Saturdays in the week it seems. We do a lot of catch up, like everyone else. Usually, let the dogs out and feed them by 6am, then have coffee/tea and great cinnamon crunch bagels at Panera Bread, long before most people even wake up. Then it's usually a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot, and then walk the dogs, Dolly and Franklin for about a mile. - All of which we did this morning and it's now 10am.
Our 2nd load of laundry is in, the bed is made with clean sheets, and laundry folded. Today we bought 3 evergreen shrubs to plant next to the new shed, so the dogs won't keep running in the dirt and mud in the space between the shed and corner of the backyard fence. Tom is planting those, and 3 other juniper shrubs in the backyard. We also bought 65 pavers, and Tom will lay those down, too -he LOVES working outside, and with the morning rain, he'll come in nice and muddy. I do the inside stuff, and am headed to the grocery store, and will walk, play with, and wash the dogs at home upon return.
By 2-3pm we'll be done and can clean up and enjoy the company of our friends Hil and Richard who are driving here from DC with their poodle, Sally. After our visit, we're likely to get sleepy watching a little Television around 9pm... So, it's always lots of work, and a little time for fun!

Friday, August 1, 2008

What Did They Expect to Find?

Here's another article from the newspaper (thanks to John in VA Beach), and this one's from Hagerstown, Maryland! I want to know what the police expected to find? :)

So You Think You've Had a Bad Day?

Our friend John in Virginia Beach sent a bunch of newspaper articles that were really goofy- and this one was really bad for the person! Imagine being stopped for a traffic violation and reading about yourself in the newspaper in THIS way!

Gift/Memorial Suggestions

Several of our friends have lost loved ones (human and pets) and we found that one of the best ways to honor their memory is to give to an animal charity.
What better way to recognize a life of love, than by giving another life a chance for love?
We donate to many animal rescues, but because we volunteer with
DC Weimaraner Rescue and Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue, those are our 2 favorites.
Consider giving the chance of life to a dog or cat.

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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!

Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
Wondering what home project to do next