Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Townhouse for Sale in Elkridge, Maryland!

The Townhouse in Elkridge, Maryland that I've lived in since 2001 (when I bought it) is now for sale! (as of Feb. 20, 2008) and you can see it all On-line at:

Tom and I have spent every weekend over the last two years improving the inside of the townhouse, and when you go to that website, you can see all the interior photos - and see for yourself! Tell everyone you know that's looking for a nice townhouse in Maryland, that you've found one. :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

New Indiana Jones Movie Trailer Now On-Line!

The trailer for new Indiana Jones movie (Yes, there is NOW a 4th movie, 15 years after the last one, and with Harrison Ford) debuted on ABC’s Good Morning America this week. the trailer for "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is online at both Yahoo Movies and “Crystal will be set during the height of the Cold War in 1957, with Jones on the hunt for South American relics with supernatural powers.”
Looks good!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day -My Thoughts on What Love Is

Happy Valentine's Day

In a Doggy sense: I think that love is the look in a dog's eyes when you're lying next to one. Or when you open the door and their tails are waggin' like crazy! That's love!

In a non-canine sense, Love is singing together, Tom making me coffee, walking the dogs together, or getting grumpy at each other over something only to look at each other shortly afterward and laugh out loud (we do that). Love is trusting that your partner is always looking out for you; laughing almost every day; doing a crossword puzzle together; reading the newspaper to me while I'm driving. Love is a good friend who continues to stay in touch for many years.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

We Went to Hillary Clinton's Town Hall Meeting- Incredible!

Even if you're not voting for her and we can't imagine why :) - Here are some photos Tom and I took at Hillary Clinton's Town Hall Meeting in Bowie, Md this past Sunday, Feb. 10th.

It was incredible. Of course, we loved seeing Martin O'Malley, too - (he's hunky).

Oh yeah, Hillary has a number of great ideas. We heard very well thought out ideas on making afforable college tuition (like bringing back federal school loans like Tom and I had; putting these private loan companies charging up to 29%! out of business; giving tax credits; ), the economy, a careful withdrawal out of Iraq, much needed universal healthcare, social issues and more.

The Republican plan for health care is "let people decide which insurance company to go with." DUH- that doesn't work now! As a result, 20% of people making 75K don't have health care- so who pays their bills? Tax Payers. The other benefit is that hospitals like the local Md. Prince George's Cty Hospital wouldn't be in financial ruin (verge of closing a 3rd time) because they treat drug overdoses, gun shot victims, impovershed people, etc. who have NO health care.

Overall, the town hall was VERY moving. I got choked up twice.

We met people from all backgrounds in the crowd - from physicians to truck drivers, and all were as energized as we were.

This session was not a big "Cheering / Old Time Revival-like session" like the other candidate, whom I also like, but doesn't ever seem to offer the amount of Substance as Ms. Clinton. Make an informed decision.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Groundhog's Day! - 6 more weeks of winter...

On February 2nd Punxsutawney Phil, the world's most famous groundhog came out of his burrow and (gasp!) saw his shadow! That means winter will continue for 6 more weeks, and spring will not come early.

John Griffiths and Ben Hughes, Phil's handlers removed him from his shelter and showed him to a crowd of onlookers on this cold morning in the Pennsylvania town. It was 7:27 a.m. local time when it was proclaimed Phil saw his shadow. The forecast received boos from the crowd of about 30,000 gathered to await the 122nd annual weather prediction.

What it means: If Phil sees his shadow, there'll be six more weeks of winter weather, and if he doesn't, there will be an early spring, according to an old German superstition. Although with high temperatures in the 50s this week in Maryland, it doesn't feel like winter! :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Politics: I'm passionate about them - and we NEED a big change

I know that talking Politics can be dangerous territory, but Tom and I have become passionate about how totally hypocritical, corrupt and hateful the Republican party has become. If you're a Republican and you're starting to read this, I just want to point out some things that have really frustrated us- specifically, the hypocracy of saying the party is the most "religious."
Yes, each party has it's problems, but the Democrats don't preach that they're "next to God" and then embezzle (Tom Delay R-Texas), have affairs while being married (former Rep. Speaker in 2006), solicit sex in a men's room and many other places (according to the Idaho newspaper) and deny being gay (Larry Craig R-Idaho) and don't forget Mark Foley (R-FL) who sent suggestive emails to teenage male pages...etc. etc. Sure, Democrats have issues, but nothing like Republicans.
In fact, Tom and I believe that after 7 years of all these lies, deceit, corruption, etc. that anyone that votes Republican is just voting to support all that has happened over the last 7 years and they want more. Why? We don't know. The hatred of gay people has become a "God" issue- and since when did God "hate" anyone? Hmmm.
Anyway, I recently thought about how one candidate could restore the U.S. to a place of admiration in the world (and I read her autobiography years ago).
I've read up on all of the candidates stances on issues- and I can say that I agree most with Senator Hillary Clinton. This woman has stood up to more made up scandals by a vicious Republican Congress in the 1980s than almost any other political figure. She is passionate about children, health care, fixing the economy, restoring the middle class; finding alternative energy sources and lowering energy costs, ending the war in Iraq (John McCain said "We'll be in Iraq for 100 years" - What is that about?), restoring education and getting rid of that USELESS "no child left behind" Texas company based unfunded mandate, working against climate change (I KNOW all about this personally), reforming immigration, and more. READ and EDUCATE yourself- then see if you agree or disagree, but READ:

Personally, I admire the way Senator Clinton interacted with world leaders and visited foreign countries when she was First Lady, and truly believe that has provided an experience unparalled by any other candidate running against her. In addition to her experience in various countries with all sorts of leaders, I believe that Mrs. Clinton can restore the image of the U.S. as a place of hope, peace and acceptance in the world.
Over the last 7 years, I have been saddened by the number of people I've met on air travel that have moved to Canada or have been ashamed that the U.S. has been bullying the world instead of talking and reaching civil conclusions.
It would be refreshing to not have someone running the country who is fixated on war, and have a President that wants to achieve peaceable relations (if possible) with the world instead while still guarding our country - and focusing our efforts against terrorism in Afghanistan, where they should have been.
Sen. Clinton is the most knowledgeable, caring, fearless and educated candidate this country has seen in 8 years.
For those who have a bad impression of her, GO read her stance on issues.
You MAY gain a new respect. For those who are too small minded to do that- If you don't want to educate yourself on where each candidate stands, then you shouldn't vote. Make an informed decision.

Tom's GREAT Letter to a Hateful So.Carolina Congressman

On 2/1/2008, Tom wrote to Congressman Demint (R) of South Carolina. He's one of those people I was talking about on an earlier blog- someone who thinks they're "holier than thou" and should be the last person preach about morals. Here's Tom's great letter!

Dear Mr. Demint: On my commute in to work this morning, I happened to catch a rebroadcast of your interview with Jerry Doyle yesterday.

First of all, it has been quite some time since I have heard a legislator that was so “off the mark”
as to what the purpose and function of Congress and the Federal Government should be. It is not the role of Congress to legislate morality. It is not the responsibility of the Federal Government to meddle in the affairs of the constituency.

If people lack morals, let them go to church or read a book; people should not be looking to Congress to provide a moral compass on how to run their lives. Besides, as so aptly demonstrated by the performance of the Republican Party over the past seven years, Republicans are not the ones that should be providing leadership in the arena of moral purity.

In my lifetime, there has never been a period where the Government has been led by a collective group of people so devoid of a moral compass – simply knowing the difference between right and wrong. The lies, corruption, deceit, and fiscal inappropriateness that have been so pervasive during the tenure of this current administration goes beyond the pale. At this moment, I have absolutely no patience for anyone that would vote for a Republican candidate in the upcoming elections in November. This country is heading is such a wrong direction; the need for change is great.

From your civics class in junior high school, in case you forgot, it is the function of Congress and the Federal Government to provide collectively what the States cannot provide on their own: provide for a common defense, build and maintain infrastructure, oversee trade and commerce, conduct dealings with foreign governments, etc. Congress should be involved with more global universal concepts, not meddling in the microscopic minutia of people’s lives.

Secondly, for some reason you feel it necessary to bash Gay people. Perhaps you feel that is a popular thing to do – to keep down an oppressed minority sector of our population – an especially popular thing to do within the ranks of the Republican Party. Well, I’ve got news for you: Gay people did not destroy marriage; straight people did a pretty good job of that themselves. Just look at the fine examples currently being tossed up as role models for our young people today: Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse are names that immediately come to mind.

If you were to open your seared mind and talk to a Gay couple about the struggles they are facing because of your ignorance, you might possibly change your mind. If you were denied the right to visit a loved one in the hospital, if you were kicked out of your home because you did not have the right of survivorship upon the death of your partner – basic fundamental rights that you should be entitled to as a tax payer and citizen born in this country – you would think differently. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Gay people were not hatched; they came from families just as you did. Gay people did not lose their morals and values when they became adults. So why you find it so reprehensible that Gays would want to form loving families of their own is beyond me.

And lastly, take your hate and your misguided opinions and values back to South Carolina. Your type of leadership has no place at the national level.

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