Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tyler Strikes Terror in the Hearts of Vet Techs!

On August 19, our Weimaraner, Dolly, and one of our Dachshunds, Tyler had to go to the vet for a couple of tests. The bottom line: Dolly doesn't have diabetes and Tyler "the Terror" is heartworm free, but we're trying to figure out what's going on with Dolly. Tyler, however, struck terror in the hearts of the vet techs! 

  TYLER THE TERROR STRIKES - The Vet techs didn't believe me when I told them Tyler is a terror, but one of them brought him out of the room, I heard a LOT of shrieking and brought him back in. The female vet tech looked at me and said "You were right, he's a terror."  
Tyler and Dolly at the vet's office on 8/19/14
  DOLLY'S ENIGMA - Dolly started doing fast, shallow breathing from time to time, and it started a couple of months ago (when it got hot outside). She doesn't do it all the time, though. Mostly it occurs at night, but it's not every day. So, she was tested for diabetes  and it was negative. Other things that make a dog breathe quickly and shallow are heart-related, and she shows none of the other signs of that either. She's now been tested for everything and thankfully, it's all negative. 
POSSIBLITIES? -  Two things that stand out are that she becoming more heat-sensitive as she gets older, and/or that she has developed asthma. Yes, dogs get asthma, although that's not too common... but I (Rob) have it, and I have the same breathing issues when air quality is bad. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Successful Dog Save

Oscar the Dachshund was in need of a home
Dog rescues come in all sizes. Not all of them work the same. One thing that they all do have, though, is people who care about dogs and have big hearts that help make them happen for the sake of dogs. Dog rescuers also don't need to belong to an official rescue, they just need a heart like a woman named JoAnn who took in an abandoned dog.

FIRST AWARENESS -  Last week, while I was flying home from Pensacola, Florida, I received a text message from our friend Renee (who is in the Inspired Ghost Tracking Group with us). Renee didn't have Tom's cell, just mine, so she sent me a note asking for help placing a dog in a rescue's foster home.

THE DOG STORY - A little 2 year old dachshund was in a home with two teenage boys whose father, a highway department worker, was recently struck and killed by a speeding car. Their mother had passed of illness 2 years prior leaving the kids an only choice of going to a grandmother's trailer. The grandmother refused to take the dog. The entire story is horrendous.

SAVED BY JOANN -  JoAnn (also a member of the ghost group like Renee and us) lives close to the family's home and asked to take Oscar because the grandmother was going to dump him into an animal shelter.
  While fostering Oscar until she could find him a home, JoAnn contacted Renee, who (knowing that Tom and I work with Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues) messaged me. She explained that since the dad passed a week ago, the dog wasn't being fed much and his dish had mold growing on it. If you look at the photos of Oscar, you'll see he's very thin.
A very thin Oscar at JoAnn's house 

NEXT CONTACT -  I contacted Corinne who manages Sophia's Grace Foundation Dachshund Rescue. Corinne immediately called JoAnn and arranged a foster home for Oscar.

OSCAR'S SURPRISE ADOPTION!  - Over the course of the week that JoAnn continued to watch Oscar until the foster home was ready, she and her husband decided to adopt him!  So it all worked out for Oscar. JoAnn said that now Oscar can stay in a close environment to that which he grew up in (in the same neighborhood).

On a related note, Rescues need Foster Homes! - please consider fostering even for a short time.  WHAT IS SOPHIA'S GRACE FOUNDATION? The foundation affirms to offer financial aid to dachshunds in need of rescue, refuge and health support.  They are always seeking Foster parents (they pay the medical care, you just feed and house the dog until they find a forever home), and NEED Donations to keep rescuing these dogs!  FOR MORE INFO:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pensacola Highlight: Meeting my Nephew

Rob and Matt at the Paracon
One of the best things from my (Rob) trip to the Pensacola, Florida Paracon was that I finally got to spend some great quality time with my 24 year old nephew Matt. Matt lives in Tampa and has degrees in Sign Language interpretation and French. He's an amazing guy. He's into fitness, he's very aware of social and political issues and we had a lot to talk about. I was really honored that he drove 7 hours from Tampa to spend time together.
A fountain at the old Pensacola docks
Rob and Matt take a night-selfie at the docks
 - He arrived on the Saturday of Paracon, so we went to dinner and talked a lot before fizzling out. The next day, he accompanied me to Paracon and stayed for half the day before I told him to go explore the town and see a movie (I didn't want him to come all that way and sit all day). We enjoyed another great dinner and drove to old Pensacola at night, where we walked around some docks.
  Spending the time together was amazing. We really got to know each other much better, and he's an amazing man. A million thanks for making that drive, Matt!
Historic sign at the old town dock

Monday, August 18, 2014

Rob's 20 min. Interview on Chimichanga Talk at Paracon

While at the Pensacola Paracon I got to partake in The Chimichanga podcast show and had a fun 20 minute interview.  
One of the hottest events this summer, Pensacola Florida was the host of 2014’s Paracon! Interviewed on our longest show ever, Reverend Dianne Frazier (0:11:11) from Spiritlight, Writers Rob Gutro (0:22:57), Shannon Bell (0:47:15), Reverend One Eagle Feather (1:05:05) from Spiritlight, and Jason Woodham (1:26:36); Actors Melanie Robel (1:44:18) and Jimmy Dempster (2:17:19). Plus the Fun with Wang Star Wars Saga Trivia Challenge!
(NOTE - There's quite a bit of background noise- it was BUSY at the Convention) 

WHAT IS CHIMICHANGA TALK? Every Wednesday they provide an insider’s look at the industries from comics to novels, from video games to movies.
The Big Wang interviews Rob
According to their website it's a geeky podcast which averages 2,500 listeners, Chimichanga Talks! takes an insider’s look at the industry from people in the industry. From comics to movies, video-games to novels, we cover it all! Past guests have included: Michael Rooker, Lew Temple, I Fight Dragons, Bobby Nash, and Lloyd Kaufman to name a few.


One of the hosts known as "The Big Wang" interviewed me about my book "Pets and the Afterlife" and we talked about ghosts and spirits. In fact, He recognized that his grandmother's spirit has been around him. It's about 20 minutes long!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Paracon Heat Adventure, People, Ghost Stories and Costumes

The heat inside curled book covers
2 women with an axe to grind?
The Pensacola Paracon was Saturday, August 9 and Sunday August 10. On Saturday vendors like me (Rob) had to be there at 9 a.m. and the doors opened at 10 a.m.

TOO HOT TO HANDLE - The air conditioning was working... until 10 a.m. and then it died. The outside temperature hit 100F. The INSIDE temperature in the convention was about 105/110F. It was unbearable. I bought about 7 bottles of water and people were miserable. There were many people in costumes, too. I read some of the facebook comments, and some people left after 30 minutes. We had to stay from 10am to 6pm (8 hours) in 100F plus heat. 

Even R2D2 from Star Wars was there! 
MY TALK -   My talk about a "double murder ghost investigation" was at 4:30 p.m. in another building, which did have A/C, but only 18 people showed as the crowds rapidly thinned out. The talk went well, despite the small group. 

The Joker in the background looking at toys
  I got to meet some really great people over the weekend, though. People who came to the table to ask questions, share stories and find out what my books were about. A young gentleman named Will was there with his family and I was amazed how much he was so spiritually developed. I met a wonderful woman named "Silver Wolf" (nickname) who rescued many dogs in her neighborhood.  Justin was sensitive to energies and realized that bad relationships cause negative energy that no one needs. I met David and Maria Chavez who are starting "Phantom Paranormal Research and Investigations" in Pensacola. I met Ray and Heather Carlson of Bellview Paranormal Society;

A guy with a beaded face painted on
2  SPIRIT RESCUE STORIES- 1)  One woman gets a headache whenever in the presence of a ghost or spirit just as I do. She said she felt her grandmother's spirit with her and her husband when they spent 72 hours on a kayak in the NW Pacific before being rescued by a Japanese Coast Guard boat. 
2) Another woman told me that even though her dad passed 4 years ago, she knows his spirit is around. One day her breaker box shorted and the lights in her house went out. She called to her

Deadpool and Darth Vader
dad to fix it and shortly all the power was restored and the breaker worked again!  She knew it was her dad. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paracon: Meet Spiritlight and author Shannon Bell

Dianne and One Eagle Feather
There were many highlights to my (Rob) weekend event at the Paracon in Pensacola, Florida. Many of them included the people I got to meet.

Here's a look at some amazing people that I befriended, and whom I was fortunate enough to be positioned next to at the event. One couple was Dianne and Reverend One Eagle Feather of Spiritlight.
Dianne tames a dragon
  They truly lit up the room. They perform Native American weddings, they are psychic healers, mediums, paranormal investigators who also do house clearings, Reiki masters, and they make amazing jewelry, too! Dianne did medium readings at their table and was always spot on.
  We had something else in common: Dog rescue!  They are very active in animal rescue!!  Check out their Rescue page on Facebook:
One Eagle Feather hugs a magical beast

For their regular website:
AND, if you live in Kentucky or thereabouts you can see them at Scarefest in September 12-14 in the Lexington Convention Center.
MEET SHANNON BELL - Shannon and her husband John sat on the other side of my table, and also lit up the room. I really lucked out with great people around me. Shannon just published her first novel, a Vampire romance. Her website is:
 Of course, her large banner caught my eye because it had this (left) photo of this handsome, hunky guy (Daniel Sobieray is the model). Yes, I took a promotional post card to use as a bookmark! :)

ABOUT HER BOOK: "The Mortal One" - The Mortal One is a paranormal romance. Dylan leaves her life in Florida to go on a vacation of a lifetime so she can find herself. Instead, she finds vampires – even after she has convinced herself they don’t exist. She is flung into the arms of Nico, an immortal who must mark her to save her. The problems
Shannon and John 
compound because another vampire feels he is entitled to mark her as well. She is caught up in an exhilarating love affair as well as vampire politics. She finds it hard to be the only mortal one.

Kindle – Buy here:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Spot The Historical Error In This “Downton Abbey” Publicity Picture

Can you Spot The Historical Error In This “Downton Abbey” Publicity Picture?  Don't scroll down for the answer until you look very carefully.  

Guys, YOU HAD ONE JOB. posted on Aug. 14, 2014, at 11:26 a.m.

BuzzFeed Staff/ Huffington Post
Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Ltd/ITV

There’s just one issue with this image, which was apparently removed by ITV as soon as they realised the error. Seen it yet?

Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Ltd/ITV

Who knew there were plastic water bottles in the 1920s? You had one job, guys. ONE JOB.

Spot The Historical Error In This "Downton Abbey" Publicity Picture

Set up at the Paracon and a Dog Connection!

This is part three in Rob's trip to the Pensacola, Florida Paracon. After checking
outside the paracon
into the hotel I drove to the Pensacola fair grounds to set up my table for the weekend (Sat./Sun.) event.
Setting up at the Paracon
A MESSAGE MY MOM -  As I was pulling in the front gate I noticed the first building on the right housed the Paracon, but I heard my mom say "keep going, keep going straight ahead." I wondered why, but didn't question it. In the next building was a dog show! Since I was there promoting my book "Pets and the Afterlife" it was a perfect place to visit... so after I set up my table I walked over to the dog show.
Connie Fleming and one of her agile Shelties

  That's when I met an amazing dog trainer and dog lover named Connie Fleming.  She was warm, wonderful, and welcoming and saw my badge and said "I think you're looking for the other convention!" - I told her I was in the right place and told her about my book. We talked about her Sheltie dogs, our 3 kids, and her experiences with pets who have communicated from the other side. She told me that some of her dogs posed with Star Trek actors and she loves sci-fi! She took the 2 business cards I had and said she'd display them. How kind!  
  The next morning I went over early and brought her more business cards and a bunch of promotional post cards, and gave her a free copy of the "Pets" book to say thanks. 
  AMAZING TURNABOUT - One of the gentleman attending the dog event saw the book on Saturday, walked over to the Paracon to find ME, and bought my book. Wow. He said he and his wife lost a couple of dogs and believe they've received messages. He walked in the 100F heat to get a copy and I was really honored!
The dog show - agility set up! 
WHAT IS THE PENSACOLA PARACON? A Science, Comic, Sci Fi, Anime, Gaming, paranormal, art, horror and Costuming Convention! Pensacola Interstate Fair Grounds Conference Building, Pensacola, Florida Pensacola Interstate Conference Building 6655 Mobile Hwy Pensacola Florida 850 941-4321


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Super Yawn from Krypto (Dolly)

Super Yawn from Krypto (Dolly)