Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Quebec Trip #5: Ghost Walk Pt2: A Very Haunted, Vacant Street

Tom walking toward the Upper Town
In today's blog about our trip to Old Quebec, we'll share another story from the Ghost Walk we took the first night we arrived. Although on May 15, 2017 it was cold. Temperatures had fallen to about 38 Fahrenheit and there was a steady 20 mph wind, so wind chills were in the upper 20s.
After a chilly story at the docks, we climbed to the Upper Town. 

HOUSES ON SMALLPOX CEMETERY - We learned that on one hill sat a cemetery where smallpox victims were buried. Later, homes were built on the hill. In those homes,when various residents were doing excavations in their basements they found bones of those in the former cemetery! 

The Haunted St. Camille Street
THE VERY HAUNTED STREET - St. Camille Street, where it meets Ramparts Street, has a reputation for not being able to maintain residents. Our ghost walk guide told us that leases get broken often on that street. When we walked up the small street there were 7 vacant properties looking for renters.

GHOST REPORTS -  There were 3 incidents reported on this street that didn't help with leasing. In 1890 a person reported seeing someone with "red eyes" in their home after they leased it. In 1970 a landlord walking through one of the row houses reported seeing a man with red eyes and wound up killing his tenant!!  
  The third incident is about workers who were repairing a roof and said they saw a ghost push another of the workers off the roof. 
Empty house on haunted St. Camille Street

Before we ventured to the Very Haunted Street, we learned about a maritime disaster where a former survivor of the Titanic went down with another ship: The Empress of Ireland.  The number of deaths is the largest of any Canadian was an ocean liner that sank in the Saint Lawrence River following a collision with the Norwegian collier S.S. Storstad in the early hours of May 29, 1914. Of the 1,477 people on board, 1,012 died. The number of deaths is the largest of any Canadian maritime accident in peacetime.

NEXT: The Double Murderer and Our Photo of a Ghostly Orb

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