Monday, June 26, 2017

Quebec Trip #18: Quebec's Ursuline Nuns, Crypt and Smallest House

Ursuline Monastery of Quebec City
In today's blog, we'll explore an order of nuns that helped form the city. Although the
Ursuline nuns have been in Quebec for four centuries, they are departing in 2018.  Here's a look at their chapel, a creepy crypt inside and their tiny house.

The Ursuline Monastery of Quebec City and convent was founded by a missionary group of Ursuline nuns in 1639 under the leadership of Mother Marie of the Incarnation, O.S.U. She's also buried in the Monastery.

Crypt of Mother Marie of the Incarnation
It is the oldest institution of learning for women in North America. We learned that they started the first school for girls in North America for both native Americans and French girls. They made a huge mark in educating girls and women.
What Tom thought about the crypt...

The Ursuline Tiny House
THE TINIEST HOUSE - In part of the monastery there's a very tiny house that was built between the church and another building. It looked like it was just 15 feet wide!  

Statue outside the monastery

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