Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ireland Trip #61: Why we were so "Dunne" With Cork

Tom and Rob looking for dinner in Cork
In blog #61 about our Ireland trip, we could tell you about another ghost in Cork County, Ireland, but we didn't visit Charles Fort where the ghost of a "White Lady" walks. Instead, we'll just share our brief feelings about walking around in Cork City and why after a short time we were "Dunne" with Cork and wanted to move on.

CRAZY, TIGHT DOWNHILL STREET- After leaving the really fascinating Cork City Gaol (Jail), the only way into downtown Cork (which ran west to east along the River Lee) was to drive down (and on the LEFT side of the street) a crazy, tight, winding, downhill street, that had cars parked along either side. Of course the street wasn't really wide enough for cars going up and down it, but they were supposed to!  We made it though, and our anti-antiperspirant was working overtime.
The River Lee from our Hotel in Cork
Downtown Cork City

RIVER LEE HOTEL - One of the best things in Cork, aside from the cool Cork City Gaol was the hotel we stayed in. It was called the River Lee Hotel, and overlooked the River Lee! The room was beautiful and clean, and it was a nice, quiet hotel. If you go to Cork, stay there (and thank Anne Marie Clarke of Across the Pond Travel for finding it).

Cork City buildngs along the River Lee
DOWNTOWN DINNER DILEMMA - I can't remember if it was a weekend or week night that we were in Cork, but many things were closed. Add that to the fact that Cork City appears to be in a state of bad economy, as there were some empty storefronts. We went into a pub for a sandwich (which was displayed on their menu) because we weren't that hungry... but we learned that all restaurants STOP serving sandwiches at 6 p.m. Of course it was 6:05pm when we asked. The only option was to order a full dinner at 20 to 25 Euros ($27 to $32 U.S.) and we weren't that hungry.
Eating our sandwiches on the bridge

MAKING THE BEST OF IT -   So, we opted for our famous "buy a sandwich in a market or pharmacy" trick. The downtown was basically devoid of people, and those that were out walking were smoking like fiends. Many businesses were closed or storefronts were vacant, and there was little activity. Cork did not leave a good impression upon us. So we walked back to the hotel and sat outside on a nearby bridge to eat dinner.
We are so "Dunne" with Cork City!
"WE ARE DUNNE WITH CORK" - While walking back to the hotel with our sandwiches, we saw a sign for "Dunnes Store" so we took a picture in front of it. We were both unimpressed with Cork and thought it dirty and rundown... so after several hours there, we were simply "Dunne."


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