Saturday, August 29, 2015

Good Book! The Exodus Quest by Will Adams

I found a hardcover of Will Adams' book 'The Exodus Quest" on sale in Barnes and Noble so I bought it based on the
book jacket. It came out in 2010 and was a good buy. I had put off reading it for awhile but finally did and recently finished it- and was glad to have read it.
  It involved an archaeologist in his 30s named Daniel Knox, and digs in Egypt. It reminded me of an Indiana Jones-eqsue type story, and was enjoyable. 
  There are several main characters and the antagonist is a right-wing-nut Christian priest who is leading a student excavation trying to prove the christian bible's exodus of Egypt (BTW-, there's no record of that in reality, although there are records of even 2 people being thrown out of Egypt- so it's likely that never really happened)
   Anyway, the priest discovers something that goes against his view and tries to destroy it, to "preserve" his religious beliefs... and he goes off the deep end.. which causes Daniel and people he knows a lot of serious trouble. 
   The chapters are written well, and are broken up in short (easier to read) sections, each focusing on the different characters. The only thing I couldn't follow were all of the Egyptian references and names... I had to gloss over them, because it was simply too much information (but it made it all the more realistic). 
I enjoyed the book and would recommend it!  - Rob   

AMAZON BOOK SUMMARY: On the trail of the lost Dead Sea Scrolls, archaeologist Daniel Knox stumbles upon a theft in progress at an ancient temple near Alexandria. Then a senior Egyptian archaeologist is violently killed, and the finger of suspicion points at Knox himself. To add to his mounting worries, his partner Gaille Bonnard is kidnapped while showing a television crew around the ruins of Amarna. She manages to smuggle out a message, pleading with Knox to rescue her, but he's locked in a police cell on suspicion of murder hundreds of miles away. His only hope of clearing his name and saving Gaille is to crack one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the ancient world...before it's too late.

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