Friday, August 28, 2015

Ireland Blog #68 : Dublin's GPS Spiral!

In Ireland Blog #68 we finally return to Dublin where we experienced the GPS Spiral! Before we get to it, if you're in Ireland check out the radio station "4FM" or 104.7 FM because it plays pop music from the 80s, 90s and oldies. :) Okay, well, those are oldies. Onto the GPS Spiral! 

The GPS unit seemed to work pretty well in Ireland (except for really, really short notice to turn in cities and towns). However when we were trying to return the car the GPS went into a spiraling fit! 

MR. MONK DRIVING IN DUBLIN - Driving through downtown Dublin is a little nerve-wracking since I'm (Rob) not used to driving on the left side of the road, and Mr. Monk (Tom) was in the passenger side, cautioning me not to run people over or drive on the curb. 
When it comes to being a passenger these 2 are the same guy,

INTO THE SPIRAL -  We programmed the GPS unit to take us to the "Enterprise Rental Car" store on Russell Street, Dublin. The GPS brought us close to the neighborhood then started spinning round and round. It took us in circles for about 40 minutes and the only way we knew we were close was because I pulled over and asked someone! Of course, the person had no idea where "Russell Street" was but said they've seen an Enterprise Rental car in the area. They did know that it was near a stadium, and fortunately, that's a big enough landmark to see, so we were able to find it by driving around and around it!!!

U-turn over and over
ARRIVAL!!! - We arrived and I think I had to pry my fingers out of the steering wheel,as I dug them in so tightly. Remember, when you return a car, you have to get there by a certain time... fortunately, we made it. 

NOT THE ONLY ONES - The rep at the rental car company asked if we had any issues with the car or GPS and we explained that the GPS went into "spiral mode" trying to find the car rental place. The rep said that someone before us arrived earlier that day had the same exact problem with their GPS. It couldn't find that street address. 
WHY?- Well, it was of course, programmed by someone in Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. who had likely never been to Dublin.


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