Friday, August 7, 2015

Ireland Trip #53: To Kiss or not? A Local Legend about the Blarney Stone

Next to the Blarney Stone
This blog continues our visit to the famous Blarney Castle and here we'll talk about our decision "To Kiss or not?" when it came to the Blarney Stone. 

TO KISS THE BLARNEY STONE OR NOT - Most of the people who went through the ruins of Blarney Castle were determined to kiss the stone when they got to the top of the castle. Not so for us. 

The Blarney Stone
For one, it was hanging over an opening that led to a 600 foot drop and I'm afraid of heights. Further, they have one guy HOLDING your legs while you get on your back, and slide through the opening and under the stone, to kiss it. There's another guy photographing you as you kiss the stone.

Secondly, we heard that the locals pee on the stone before the castle opens so they can laugh at the tourists who kiss it.. Now, that may not be true, but those Irish are feisty!  So, we took no chances. 

What you hang over to kiss the stone
WINDEX - Yes, there was a bottle of windex and a rag with one of the two employees standing next to the stone and helping people kiss it, but they never used it to clean the stone after people kissed it. We think it was just for show, or they only use it at the end of the night. Then first thing in the morning, before the castle opens, they pee on the stone. 

 NEXT: Blarney Castle's Murder Hole and Ghost  

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