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Ireland Trip #60: Cork City Gaol: Our Favorite Kind of Prisoners

Tom and Rob pose in a cell made for a certain kind of inmate
This is Ireland Trip #60, when we were visiting the Cork City Gaol, Cork City,  Ireland. It was here that we noticed special cells for a certain kind of prisoner- one that we totally agree with putting behind bars to keep the public safe. 

A look out the a back window to the "yard"
In the U.S. we need prisons for these!

While walking through the prison, very few areas were marked for a certain kind of prisoner. In fact, I think there were just two specific areas. The one that we agree with was for "Republican Prisoners!" We can think of many like this who belong in bars in the U.S. (Sorry, republican friends- it excludes you of course!)

NOTE: I couldn't title the blog "Our favorite kind of prisoners and punishments" or you'd think we liked being punished. Although there are some guys we know that likely do! LOL
Here's part 2 of the blog: 

Dates in the history of the Gaol in 1868 executions were moved inside the Gaol.
Whipping was common in this gaol.
According to Cork City Gaol.com:  Prisoners were subjected to very stiff rules and regulations, and anyone who broke the law was severely punished. Part of the punishment was a trip to the yard outside, to do time on the Treadwheel. This was forty feet long, operated by five prisoners, working in shifts, usually twenty minutes at a time, but this depended on the speed of the prisoner using the Treadwheel. The ringing of the bell was the signal for the prisoner to take a break. The women prisoners were also able to knit, at the same time as they were doing time on the Treadwheel. In later years it was purely a form of punishment used in lieu of solitary confinement for hard labour prisoners. Prior to 1858 the Treadwheel was used to raise water, and grind flour. That same year some improvements took place in prison conditions-woollen suits were substituted for the old type coarse flax worn by male prisoners, and hot pipes warmed a number of cells.
(Source: http://corkcitygaol.com/about/educational/rules-regulations-and-the-treadwheel/

Panorama of the Gaol


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