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Ireland Trip #57: Encounters with Many Ghosts in Cork City Gaol!

A glance down a hallway
In this blog about our Ireland Trip, you'll read about our many encounters with ghosts in Cork City Gaol and you'll see a ghost walk across a hallway in two photos.

ENCOUNTER #1 - RESIDUAL HAUNT - Not a ghost, but an impression -As we walked into the front entrance of the Gaol (pictures in yesterday's blog), I (Rob) heard lots of shouting outside. In the entry way are mannequins of two women, one of which was imprisoned there for some minor crime. Across from them is a room where the warden sat. When I walked inside I suddenly had a strong headache in the front right side of my head - feeling the energy in the room. It must've been strong emotional energy of turmoil and irritation. The warden's office was called "The Governor's Office."

ENCOUNTER #2 - INTELLIGENT HAUNT - An Interactive Ghost -  In the west wing "Drum Gallery" I felt like I was being hit hard on the left shoulder from behind. I was told "I am a prisoner here. I was hit and beaten by a guard - the beating left the back of my head bleeding."  Suddenly the back of my head felt painful and warm, as if I were feeling the sensation of warm blood oozing out of my skull after being hit in the head. I asked him his name and why he was in the Gaol. He said "My name is Daniel. I stole horses and sheep." Apparently, he also died in the jail, most likely from his head injuries. He still walks around.
Wax figures of a former prisoner

ENCOUNTER #3- Residual Haunt - Near Thomas Raille's Cell - I felt very light-headed. There was a 'thumbprint" of bad energy left behind from that prisoner. I don't know what he did or who he was, but he wasn't a nice man.

Ghost #4 at top of stairs
The Northern Corridor where I photographed the ghost (barred door)
ENCOUNTER #4- INTELLIGENT HAUNT At the top of the stairs on Level #2, we both got intense headaches on the tops of our heads. We confirmed it with each other. We both heard the name "Gaed" - perhaps someone calling for the guard, or "god"?  We aren't sure.  What we BOTH sensed was that prisoner had a nasty disposition, he was a thief and a drunk. He also died in the prison and was beaten to death by a guard. He still walks the second floor and shared the pain of his death (beating to the head) with us.

ENCOUNTER #5 - RESIDUAL HAUNT- On the second floor in the Eastern Corridor, I felt dizzy. I suddenly was filled with fear and anxiety, I felt the misery of being locked up in there.

This is the big one. I actually caught a photo of a ghost walking across one of the corridors. We stopped at the Northern Corridor, which housed more cells. This corridor (pictured right) was sealed off with bars.
   I felt some presence in that corridor, so I put the camera through the bars and took three photos. I the third photo there is a figure (it appears to be a man hunched over) in kind of a green glow. The figure did NOT appear in the other two photos that I took immediately beforehand. You can see for yourself as I put the photos together in sequence below. In addition, the one photo with the figure is below that, too, and enlarged.

Photo with the Ghost at the end of the hall (green)
ENCOUNTER #7 - INTELLIGENT HAUNT - As we were walking out the front door, I got a feeling of being shot or hit on the left side of my head. Then I realized that there was a ghost there and he was telling me that's how he was executed, and it was done on the front lawn of the Gaol. Since that was the last time he saw the outside (he was in prison for so long, he stayed after he died..


NEXT: Prison Architecture and ONE more GHOST

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