Thursday, October 9, 2014

REALLY?!? Here's Some of the Supreme Court's cases

According to the Associated Press-  Here's What The Supreme Court Is Up To This Term
The first 4 cases the SCOTUS is going to hear this season seem really ridiculous. Some others concerning discrimination cases in housing and race and marriage equality need to be answered, but weren't accepted (the marriage case was not taken.   
  BTW- Since the Supreme Court decided they wouldn't hear the case on Marriage Equality, that means the lower federal court rulings stand- which calls for marriage equality in ALL of those states. Meanwhile, it means the 20 STATES that don't have it, won't recognize our marriage. This patchwork of equal under the law and "non-equal" in certain states is a mess. Yesterday, IDAHO's federal court struck down the ban on gay marriage, and now, the Supreme Court let the "STAY" remain, so they're in limbo until next year (I think). Really stupid.
   OH!!!! - GET THIS- Some Conservative Republicans now want to toss out Supreme Court justices because they wouldn't ban gay marriage. AND - Another idiot conservative in South Carolina- is trying to stop it in his state, too: South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson has asked the state Supreme Court to stop the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses.

The Supreme Court will hear these starting Monday: REALLY? THESE ARE RIDICULOUS-  Why did These get to the Supreme Court? 

—Mistaken traffic stop: A broken brake light led a North Carolina police officer to pull over a car in which cocaine was later found. Turns out, the state requires only one functioning brake light. The court is weighing a case about whether a defendant's constitutional protection against unreasonable searches was violated because of the officer's mistaken understanding of the law.   *******I would let an officer search the car. Why Not?!?**

—Prison beards: An Arkansas inmate is challenging a prison policy that prevents him from growing a short beard in accordance with his Muslim religious beliefs. Prison officials say the policy prevents inmates from concealing contraband or quickly changing their appearance in an escape. 
*********SOUNDS LOGICAL- When you're a prisoner, you lose your rights. Period.

—Teeth whitening: The North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners is challenging a Federal Trade Commission order that said the dentist-filled board is trying to kill off competition from day spas and tanning booths that offer teeth-whitening.  **THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!****

—Dishonest juror: Claims that a juror's comments during trial deliberations over a South Dakota traffic accident raise questions about her impartiality and possibly could result in a new trial.  *WHY IS THIS AT THE SUPREME COURT?**

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