Sunday, October 26, 2014

Great classic comic collection DC Showcase Hawkman Vol. 2

I (Rob) just finished reading and thoroughly enjoying DC SHOWCASE PRESENTS HAWKMAN VOLUME 2. It was over 500 pages of vintage stories from the 1960s featuring one of my favorite all-time superheroes, Hawkman! 
    Hawkman is Katar Hol, an honored police officer on his homeworld of Thanagar. Along with his wife Shayera, they use the anti-gravity ninth (also known as Nth) metal and their wings to fight criminals. These were the tools of an elite police unit tasked to track and apprehend the most dangerous criminals. They came to Earth and took the identities of Carter and Shiera Hall, curators of a history museum. 

Written by Gardner Fox, Bob Haney and others Art by Murphy Anderson, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert and others Cover by Anderson Over 500 pages of classic Hawkman adventures, from the pages of HAWKMAN #12-27, ATOM & HAWKMAN #39-45, ATOM #31, and THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD

 ***Of Special Interest to Comics Fans*** Included is the story: 'Queen Jean, Why Must We Die?' It revealed that the Atom's fiancée Jean Loring was the descendent of aliens who had crashed on Earth in the Stone Age. Returned from sub-molecular exile the survivors drove her insane -- because their hereditary rulers must be free of all care -- before the heroes could rescue -- but not cure her. This tale would provide much of the basis for Loring's actions in contemporary sagas Identity Crisis and Countdown to Final Crisis!! 

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