Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bizarre Airline Boarding Issues on US Airways

This past weekend I (Rob) flew to Pensacola, Florida to attend and speak at a paranormal convention (while Tom stayed home with the dogs). Over the next couple of days I'll be highlighting some stories and people that I was fortunate enough to meet. A highlight of the weekend event was my nephew Matt driving 14 hours round trip from Tampa to visit and spend time together. This blog, however, is about something really weird I picked up on with US Airways before I even
 Whenever you board a plane, the airlines first seat people with first class tickets and those who are either infirm or with children. I have no issue with that.
  What I DO have an issue with is that even though everyone has boarding passes with boarding zones (where a group of people board that are sitting in different areas of the plane), that doesn't seem to matter with US Airways,
  What does that mean?  It's because during boarding after the first class and people needing special assistance they then board groups who have special classifications with them. They called for "Emerald members" then "Ruby, gold, platinum, purple. blue and others. I'm not kidding. By the time those without all those stupid, special memberships had to board by zone, there were a handful of people.
  So what in the heck is the purpose of  boarding by zone!?!  I thought that zone boarding, starting from Back of the aircraft to front makes perfect sense. Although some stupid airlines board front to back.

BAGGAGE COSTS - Flying has become a miserable and costly experience. I have to pay $120 to send 2 small bags with me to Florida. I didn't want to deal with the many people with HUGE bags brought onboard, stuffing them in overheads and fighting for space.
MY SOLUTION:  They should charge people to bring their luggage ON-BOARD INSTEAD!  That would make boarding time quicker and painless!!!

SEAT COSTS  -  Charging for a seat after getting a ticket is another stupid thing. What the hell am I paying for when I get a ticket? The honor of having my name on a list? There are not even small snacks handed out anymore (not that I care, I bring my own).

BEST PART - The pilots and the crew were professional, courteous and helpful. I feel badly for them because the company policies are so ridiculous and non-customer friendly.

BOTTOM LINE - I will not fly US Air again. Ever. I only flew them because they were the only airline flying to Pensacola. Next time, I'll fly Southwest to the nearest airport, rent a car and drive.

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