Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tyler Strikes Terror in the Hearts of Vet Techs!

On August 19, our Weimaraner, Dolly, and one of our Dachshunds, Tyler had to go to the vet for a couple of tests. The bottom line: Dolly doesn't have diabetes and Tyler "the Terror" is heartworm free, but we're trying to figure out what's going on with Dolly. Tyler, however, struck terror in the hearts of the vet techs! 

  TYLER THE TERROR STRIKES - The Vet techs didn't believe me when I told them Tyler is a terror, but one of them brought him out of the room to draw blood for a test. Tyler squirmed and shrieked like crazy over and over when the vet techs took him. The tech said that he absolutely wouldn't hold still for a minute and kept shrieking!  Even Dolly, who was in another room with me, looked up and tipped her head!  When the female vet tech returned with Tyler, she looked at me and said "You were right, he's a terror."  
Tyler and Dolly at the vet's office on 8/19/14
  DOLLY'S ENIGMA - Dolly started doing fast, shallow breathing from time to time, and it started a couple of months ago (when it got hot outside). She doesn't do it all the time, though. Mostly it occurs at night, but it's not every day. So, she was tested for diabetes  and it was negative. Other things that make a dog breathe quickly and shallow are heart-related, and she shows none of the other signs of that either. She's now been tested for everything and thankfully, it's all negative. 
POSSIBLITIES? -  Two things that stand out are that she becoming more heat-sensitive as she gets older, and/or that she has developed asthma. Yes, dogs get asthma, although that's not too common... but I (Rob) have it, and I have the same breathing issues when air quality is bad. 

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