Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Successful Dog Save

Oscar the Dachshund was in need of a home
Dog rescues come in all sizes. Not all of them work the same. One thing that they all do have, though, is people who care about dogs and have big hearts that help make them happen for the sake of dogs. Dog rescuers also don't need to belong to an official rescue, they just need a heart like a woman named JoAnn who took in an abandoned dog.

FIRST AWARENESS -  Last week, while I was flying home from Pensacola, Florida, I received a text message from our friend Renee (who is in the Inspired Ghost Tracking Group with us). Renee didn't have Tom's cell, just mine, so she sent me a note asking for help placing a dog in a rescue's foster home.

THE DOG STORY - A little 2 year old dachshund was in a home with two teenage boys whose father, a highway department worker, was recently struck and killed by a speeding car. Their mother had passed of illness 2 years prior leaving the kids an only choice of going to a grandmother's trailer. The grandmother refused to take the dog. The entire story is horrendous.

SAVED BY JOANN -  JoAnn (also a member of the ghost group like Renee and us) lives close to the family's home and asked to take Oscar because the grandmother was going to dump him into an animal shelter.
  While fostering Oscar until she could find him a home, JoAnn contacted Renee, who (knowing that Tom and I work with Dachshund and Weimaraner rescues) messaged me. She explained that since the dad passed a week ago, the dog wasn't being fed much and his dish had mold growing on it. If you look at the photos of Oscar, you'll see he's very thin.
A very thin Oscar at JoAnn's house 

NEXT CONTACT -  I contacted Corinne who manages Sophia's Grace Foundation Dachshund Rescue. Corinne immediately called JoAnn and arranged a foster home for Oscar.

OSCAR'S SURPRISE ADOPTION!  - Over the course of the week that JoAnn continued to watch Oscar until the foster home was ready, she and her husband decided to adopt him!  So it all worked out for Oscar. JoAnn said that now Oscar can stay in a close environment to that which he grew up in (in the same neighborhood).

On a related note, Rescues need Foster Homes! - please consider fostering even for a short time.  WHAT IS SOPHIA'S GRACE FOUNDATION? The foundation affirms to offer financial aid to dachshunds in need of rescue, refuge and health support.  They are always seeking Foster parents (they pay the medical care, you just feed and house the dog until they find a forever home), and NEED Donations to keep rescuing these dogs!  FOR MORE INFO:

Gift/Memorial Suggestions

Several of our friends have lost loved ones (human and pets) and we found that one of the best ways to honor their memory is to give to an animal charity.
What better way to recognize a life of love, than by giving another life a chance for love?
We donate to many animal rescues, but because we volunteer with
DC Weimaraner Rescue and Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue, those are our 2 favorites.
Consider giving the chance of life to a dog or cat.

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