Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Science Blog: My Experience with U.S.and world impacts of global warming

   This is a serious blog about SCIENCE, and Global Climate Change because I WORK with data every day.
   The reality of a warming world and changing climate is something that I've (Rob) been reporting and working to make people understand for years through my full-time job. I am honored to work with some of the top climate scientists in the world, who have been gathering data and continual proof. 
  - Sadly, Conservatives in both politics and religion who keep trying to "find" science in the bible has squelched research and prevented precautions- like those that could have strengthened the dam near New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina. Conservative christian religions don't believe in science - period. They are detrimental to a growing, learning society who wants and needs to educate themselves to prepare against tornadoes.  Funding tornado sirens is a helluva lot more effective than sitting in your bathtub and praying not to get hit by a tornado after seeing a warning late on television. Prayer is NOT going to stop a tornado, hurricane, flash flooding, earthquakes, rising sea levels. Education, preparation and awareness will get people out of the way, building safer and make them safer.

   This week, the Federal Government released yet another startling report filled with conclusive proof that our climate has been changing faster than normal. Still don't believe me?   Did we have a colder than normal winter in the central and eastern U.S.?  Well, Russia had a warmer than normal winter. A warming world will change climates. It will and does bring extremes. I've noticed that more and more Tropical Cyclones (the generic word for hurricanes and Typhoons) are Category 4 and 5 storms (the strongest) on the Saffir-Simpson scale- especially since 2005.
   I've seen extensive heat waves all over- Australia has had many of them at least as far back as 2005, and that leads to raging wildfires there and many other places. Look at the severe U.S. western drought - If you don't think that's climate change you can go there and put your head in the sand (because there's a lot more of it).
   The Arctic sea ice in the summer has been dwindling  at an alarming rate, and where's the water going? In the sea!  Where does the sea border?  Our coasts! So, what's going to happen? Flooding and coastal erosion!!  
    I'm in a position where I see that the Earth's climate has been changing. Let's do something about it and not elect leaders who deny science. To do that is to sign the death warrants for many. Aren't we too smart for that?
 - Rob
Oh yeah, the link to the article about the report is here:

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