Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Remember Corey Hart? / My funny poster story!

Corey Hart, the Canadian pop singer from the late 1980s and 1990s was one of my favorite pop singers when he came out. He had four big albums in the U.S. and I thought he was strikingly handsome. Turns out he was born in 1962 like me (Rob). I guess "Sunglasses at Night" is my favorite but I love all his hits.

I remember as a teenager, while my younger brother had a "Budweiser Girls" bathing suit poster on his bedroom wall, I had a big poster of Corey Hart with his shirt barely buttoned, showing off his hairy chest. Makes you wonder how my parents never caught on, doesn't it? : )
Corey, his wife and 4 little girls
Of course, I can't find the poster anymore, and that picture is nowhere on-line, sadly. But I'll never forget it!

HIS CAREER, WEBSITE- It seems that since he met his wife and they had 4 girls (and have a dog and cat) he's quite the quiet family man. He was always reserved as I remember, so this suits him  well. We're both the same age, and I still think he's pretty hot. :)  www.coreyhart.com/ 

 REMEMBER HIS HITS? See list below.

Corey Hart today - still handsome

ALBUMS - When I visited Montreal in the 1980s on a college weekend trip, I bought his first two albums (records) as great reminders of my trip there.

he even has a cute dog!
DID YOU KNOW? - COREY HART is recognized as one of Canada’s most successful singer-songwriters selling over 15 million records worldwide and amassing 9 consecutive US Billboard Top 40 Hits. He also scored an impressive 29 top 40 Hits in his native Canada including 11 Top 10′s during his career. He is also a Grammy Nominated and multiple Juno award winner.

  1. "In Your Soul" - 3:53
  2. "A Little Love" - 4:09
  3. "Sunglasses at Night" - 5:17
  4. "Everything in My Heart" - 4:52
  5. "Never Surrender" - 4:55
  6. "Don't Take Me to the Racetrack" - 3:39 (non-single)
  7. "Eurasian Eyes" - 5:29
  8. "Can't Help Falling in Love" - 3:25 (Weiss, Perretti, Creatore)
  9. "Bang! (Starting Over)" - 3:48
  10. "Boy in the Box" - 4:26
  11. "Take My Heart" - 4:21
  12. "Spot You in a Coalmine" - 4:44
  13. "It Ain't Enough" - 3:26
  14. "I Am By Your Side" - 4:36

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