Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Great Post by our Friend Nanette About Toxic People

We had to share this Facebook post from our Friend Nanette - She wrote about reasons she defriended someone who is toxic, bigoted and uses religion to defend their hypocrisy.
   As Nanette says in her post, the hypocrisy of people is appalling. We have also un-friended people because of their bigotry and intolerance- who also sadly have said they are religious, and view gay couples as "less than human and undeserving of equal protections."  - One couple were friends since 1993, another since 1996, and others here in Md. that we invited to our wedding reception in 2009 who revealed themselves. It was brutal to hear this from people we thought were our friends.  These former friends preached about Jesus and threw us under the bus. Like Nanette, we're tired of intolerance. Religion and conservativism are the roots of the hatred and division and people need to grow past them. Being accepting of all people is what our nation was founded on- we welcome all. Sadly, not everyone gets it. - and we are much better off for removing toxic people like that from our lives. - Rob


I just had to de-friend someone on FB and that makes me sad. I met her through rescue and while we really didn't have much in common, our love for animals was enough. She has a kind heart and a lot of compassion, and it makes me feel bad that I had to cut off communication, but sometimes you have to draw the line. The problem was the combination of her extreme right political posts, which were getting more and more hateful and racist. The thing is, I don't think she even realizes she's a bigot and I'm finding that there are a lot of folks out there like that. 
    It kind of blows my mind that someone can be so kind and compassionate when it comes to animals or children, but then they turn around and call people "towel heads" or say racist things about our President. They talk about God and Jesus and The Bible, but then protest Americans helping find the Nigerian girls that were kidnapped. They preach compassion and forgiveness, then scream about having foreigners in this country. They scream "pro life," but condone bombing abortion clinics. They preach kindness and empathy, but constantly bitch about people getting assistance from the government who truly need it. Yes, there are those who abuse this privilege, but there are many who truly need and deserve it. I'm just so sick of the hypocrisy. 
   I'm so sick of how everyone has blamed Obama for the giant mess he inherited, from the second he walked into office. Is he the best President we've ever had? No, of course not, but he is definitely NOT the worst. You are entitled to your opinion and I have no problem with that. What I DO abhor are people who rant and rave about him being evil, claim he's not American, claim he's anti-American, a Socialist, etc. Three-quarters of these people don't even know what a Socialist is, and why they are so afraid of it.    It's all propaganda. Fear mongering, playing to the fear of all things anti-Patriotic. All politicians lie. All politicians have an agenda. He is no worse than anyone else. I have never seen this country as polarized as it is now. 
    People say they don't want big government, but they want to control what women do with their bodies. They want to impose Christian prayer in schools when there are so many other religions out there, and they call that freedom of religion. You should be able to be a Muslim, Jewish, an Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, even a Satanist, if that is what you wish...and shouldn't have to be exposed to just one religion in schools or government meetings. That is not what freedom of religion means. 
   I'm just really disappointed in some people. I don't care if you're Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian...doesn't matter to me...just don't be a hypocrite and don't be hateful. Don't be a racist. Think about what you're saying. There's already so MUCH shit in this world, there's no need to add to it.

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