Friday, July 3, 2015

Ireland Trip Part 33: A Ghost We Encountered at Dromoland Castle

Rob's sketch of the ghost who walks in Dromoland Castle
This is part Part 33 of our Ireland Trip and it's about an unexpected ghost we Encountered at Dromoland Castle. As we mentioned in yesterday's blog, Dromoland is a former castle from the 5th century, updated, refurbished and turned into quite an elaborate Bed and Breakfast.
  There's no record of any ghost in Dromoland Castle. As we mentioned in the previous blog, the building we were in was built in 1835 (although we had no idea when it was constructed when we were there). What we did know, however, is that on the third floor, there was a woman who used to live there and never left. She was from the 1800s, and I made a sketch of her as she walked down the hallway. Of course, no one else could see her- but she was pretty clear to me. 

Photo of the hallway where the ghostly woman walked
  THE GHOST WE ENCOUNTERED - This woman was in her 50s or 60s and had dark, wavy hair. She was on the slender side and had a moderately sized bust (I'm guessing here- as a gay guy). She was in a darker colored dress- like a dark blue, satin gown with a collar that stood up straight (like a tab collar). Her dress sleeves were pointed at the top of her hand.  She told me that she lived in the Castle in the 1800s - but I didn't get a name. She continually wanders down the second floor hallways on the left side of the castle (looking at the castle from the front) , and the hallway is next to the grand staircase that descends into the dining room area.
Grand staircase down to the dining room
WHY WAS SHE THERE? - She loved the castle and thought that it would be a fitting place to spend her afterlife. She considered Dromoland "heaven on Earth." She was content and not about to go anywhere, so we didn't attempt to convince her otherwise. I'm just glad that our room was on the 5th floor and not on the second floor, because I'm sure she would've kept me awake at night, walking around the hallways.

WHO IS SHE? - My guess is that she is Charlotte O'Brien.  The second Sir Edward O'Brien was the 4th Baronet who lived in the castle. Edward decided to rebuild the castle. In 1821, it was the birthplace of Edward's brother Robert's son, George O'Brien. Work began around 1822. Edward O'Brien chose their neo-gothic designs. The building was completed in 1835.   Edward was married to Charlotte Smith and her inherited wealth was probably essential in covering construction costs of their new mansion. **Unfortunately, I can't find a photo of Charlotte on-line.**

I did learn that William Smith O' Brien urged the formation of a National Guard, and an armed rising was planned. A small group under O' Brien clashed with forty-six policemen at Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary. that ended the rising of 1848 and sent  William Smith O' Brien to prison for 5 years. He was freed and moved to Brussels.No mention of his wife, though. 
From Ireland's Clare Library: 





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