Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gullibility Test of the Week! Check out these E-mail/Facebook Rumors

Well, it's time again for the Gullibility Test of the Week!  Before you SHARE these stories on Facebook, you need to know the truth about them.    As a public service, here you can learn the truth (Some are so ridiculous they're laughable) about 
1) Was the Pope a "Metal head"?
2) Was a Christian Pastor was jailed for not performing a gay wedding?
3) Does Gerber baby food has a "McDonald's burger and fries" baby food ?
4) Is the President really going  to raise taxes on "gatherings of white conservatives"(this is so STUPID it's obviously false); 
5) Did Hillary Clinton pose next to a woman with an "I'm with Stupid " tee shirt?
6) Are Democrats are trying to ban using "husband" and "wife" in legislation?

FACT CHECK: Was a Christian pastor from Vermont jailed for refusing to participate in a gay wedding?  FALSE  (It's amusing that these fake news sites get a LOT of people believing their stories).

On 10 July 2015, the fake news site News Examiner published a fake article titled “Christian Pastor in Vermont Sentenced to One Year in Prison After Refusing to Marry Gay Couple,” an article that reported:  According to NBC News, a pastor at the Christian Proctor Church in Vermont, has been sentenced to one year in federal prison after refusing to marry gay couples. This comes shortly after the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision ruling that states must allow gay-marriage.  Read more at

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph show a young Pope Francis in a Black Sabbath t-shirt?  NO.
This is one of two Photo-Shopped pictures going around the Internet this week.

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph show a jar of Gerber brand"Big Mac and Fries" baby food? FALSE
Fake baby food label
 Back in 2008, the web site Freaking News ran a contest title “If McDonald’s Ruled,” in which participants were invited to “show what life would be like if McDonald’s ruled the world.”
One of the entries in that contest (“Fattening of Our Children”), a digitally created image of a jar of Gerber brand “Big Mac and Fries dinner” baby food, fit the theme a little too well and has been circulated online ever since with claims that it pictures a genuine new baby food product:
FACT CHECK: Did President Obama say that he was going to raise taxes on "gatherings of white conservatives" such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?   FALSE   (Obviously started by a right-wing racist-who put  "Hussein" on the meme. - Don't these wackos have anything better to do than lie about people? )
This meme started spreading widely after it was published to the Facebook page of an over-40s single biker’s club (And he's really scary) . That iteration included the instructions to “SHARE if you are as outraged as I am,” a come-on commonly used with misleading clickbait content and scamsRead more at

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph depict an unwitting Hillary Clinton posing next to a woman wearing an "I'm with stupid" shirt? NO!  (Again, some conservative Republican photoshopped this and spread it over the Internet getting people to believe it. SO CHILDISH)    HERE are the PHOTOS side by Side with the SOURCE

FACT CHECK: Have Democrats proposed legislation that would ban use of the words "husband" and "wife"?  FALSE (SIGH - again, another lie from conservatives to whip people up into a frenzy.)
 Nobody in government is actually proposing that the words “husband” and “wife” be banned, or that their future use be limited or restricted in some way. Such claims stem from a bill HR 2976 (also known as the “Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act of 2015”), which was introduced by Rep. Lois Capps of California and seeks to modify sections of the U.S. Code to update language that uses gender-specific terms (e.g., “he,” “she,” “husband,” “wife”) and replace it with gender-neutral references. These changes (which have already been enacted on the state level in places such as California) would both bring older sections of the code up to date to reflect changing conditions and eliminate potential ambiguities in federal law following from the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision

BOTTOM LINE - DON'T JUST SHARE IT UNTIL YOU RESEARCH IT. ALSO - if it's a political slam, there's a GOOD CHANCE IT'S FALSE (especially if it slams democrats).

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