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Ireland Trip 46: Eating "Pi" and Meeting an Art Gallery Ghost!

Tom finds his name on the sidewalk in Dingle
This is the 46th entry in our Ireland Trip from May (yes, still stretching 9 days out - but just highlighting little things one at a time. It's better than blogging about irritating things, right?). This blog continues our trip in western Ireland's Dingle Peninsula when we went to the actual town called "Dingle" for lunch and a walk around the small town. We call it "Eating "Pi" and Meeting an Art Gallery Ghost!"

It was also here that Tom found his name written on the sidewalk- and we have no idea why! 
 DINGLE TOWN - Okay, if you have a twisted mind, it's a funny name for a town. However, this is a serious blog. :)  Dingle is a town in County Kerry, Ireland. In fact, it's the ONLY town on the Dingle Peninsula, it sits on the Atlantic coast, about 71 kilometers northwest of Killarney (where we stayed at a hotel).  Dingle is situated in a Gaeltacht region. It's also about 50 km from the town of Tralee, where we saw Ireland's last working windmill. 
"Pie - Pi" Cafe and Tea Room

EATING "PI" - We stopped at a quaint breakfast/lunch restaurant on the second floor of a house in downtown Dingle. The restaurant is called "The Pi II Cafe" and we enjoyed tea and delicious raspberry scones for lunch (yes, we don't eat much). They even had "Cafe Americano" which is basically their strong, strong coffee watered down

ART GALLERY GHOST - Being a medium, it's always interesting to walk into a older building because you never know who is going to be there (in addition to the living). I (Rob) walked into the Greenlane Gallery and said hello to the woman working behind the desk.

The Greenlane Gallery is situated in the town of Dingle in West Kerry, Ireland. It was established in 1992 by Susan Callery. The gallery exhibition space encompasses three floors of an historical house situated on Holy Ground. - See more at:
Inside the Pie-pi cafe
As I walked into the back room (there was a front room facing the main street and a back room facing a courtyard), I sensed the ghost of a man looking out the back window (the Gallery Exhibition Space). 

He was an older man and said that he lived there. It was sometime in the late 1700s and 1800s. He told me that he was a farmer who worked the land. He lived there in that vicinity his entire life. He had large ears and a big nose, and had a red beard peppered with grey, and he had red hair. He said that he died there in 1843 at the age of 52, so he was born in 1791. 

The Greenlane Gallery- home of the male ghost

It was at that time that the woman at the Gallery's front desk asked if I needed something or wanted to see one of the paintings. I was startled and realized that I had been standing staring at the ghost of the man. I said "no thank you" and it broke my connection to the ghost, who faded away. I left the store and went to find Tom who was in another shop. I wanted to go back and ask the shop keeper if she's had any paranormal activity, but we didn't have a chance as the shop keeper got busy with a customer when we walked by again (and I didn't want to scare the customer by asking about a ghost). 

BUILDING HISTORY - While writing this blog, 2 months later, I checked out the store's website that provided an explanation of why there's a lot of ghostly energy in the building.  The website said: "The Greenlane Gallery is situated in the town of Dingle in West Kerry, Ireland. It was established in 1992 by Susan Callery. The gallery exhibition space encompasses three floors of an historical house situated on Holy Ground, a street that has been inhabited since Medieval times and was named after the holes in the ground that were used in the tanning of leather hides.
    The Greenlane showcases some of the most vibrant and distinctive creative talent from Ireland and abroad with work ranging from Fine Art to Applied Art and Jewellry.

 NEXT: Another Ghost In the Mulcahy Shop

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