Sunday, September 8, 2013

UK Trip Blog #56: The Crooked House and a Secret Passage!

Tom adjusting to the Crooked House
The trip blog returns! On our last day in Windsor, we made the most of walking around and stumbled upon a crooked house with a somewhat crooked history.
  The sun actually shined for the first time we were in England proper (it did shine in Scotland on day #2 of our trip), so it was great walking weather.
  THE CROOKED HOUSE!  - One of the interesting architectural things in Windsor, England, next to the Windsor Castle was the Crooked House. 
The Crooked House of Windsor is also known as the Market Cross House and it was built in 1592!! Amazing to think that this structure has survived 421 years!  
  Queen Elizabeth the First was on the throne when this house was built.
  The Crooked House is now a restaurant. The building now stands at a marked angle, having been rebuilt with green wood in 1718.
Rob holding up the Crooked House

WHAT IS GREEN WOOD? - Green wood is wood that has been recently cut and therefore has not had an opportunity to "season" (dry) by evaporation of the internal moisture.
   SECRET PASSAGE IN THE CROOKED HOUSE- According to sources on-line, there is a secret passage in the basement, supposedly used for illicit trysts between Nell Gwynn and King Charles II and/or delivering produce from the market to the kitchens of Windsor Castle.
Eleanor "Nell" Gwyn
  WHO WAS THE MISTRESS OF KING CHARLES II? - Eleanor "Nell" Gwyn (Feb. 2, 1650 – Nov.14, 1687;  was a long-time mistress of King Charles II of England. She was known as "pretty, witty
King Charles II
Nell" because she was comical. She had two sons by King Charles II: Charles Beauclerk and James Beauclerk.


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