Saturday, September 21, 2013

Must Watch 3 min. Video: Wonder Weims Rescue beautiful tribute to Rezzy.

Tom and I support many dog rescues, particularly Weimaraner and Dachshund rescues, because those are the breeds of our children. In early September "Wonder Weims Rescue" posted a picture and note that an emaciated 11 year old Weimaraner was suffering in a shelter in Chicago. The picture was disturbing. He was really skin and bones, and his esopoghus was swollen so he couldn't eat. He was picked up on the streets of Chicago and the cruel owner didn't have the consideration to try and save him, contact a rescue or euthanize the poor, suffering dog. 
   So, Wonder Weims Rescue got him and took him into a foster home, getting him urgent medical care. We donated to help cover his costs, as did thousands around the world. He passed this week and it was heartbreaking. Someone produced this video for Wonder Weims as a tribute to Rezzy (short for "resilient"). It's very moving- and of course, I cried like a baby at the end of it. 
   **If you know of any animal being abused PLEASE report it. No dog should ever have to suffer as Rezzy did. Please watch the video.Below is the story from Wonder Weims.
(and feel free to donate to them at:

Published on Sep 14, 2013: Wonder Weims Rescue via Lori Smith A beautiful tribute to our buddy Rezzy. 
WARNING: This video contains disturbing images of Rezzy, a 6 year old weimaraner suffering from mega-esophagus. Originally thought to be twice his age, his condition had rendered him unable to hold down food or water and resulted in severe emaciation and chronic pneumonia. When rescued, Rezzy was in critical condition and scheduled for euthanasia within hours.
     The shelter contacted Wonder Weims Weimaraner Rescue in St. Louis, MO in the hope that they could provide the extraordinary care and committment needed to rehabilitate him. Within hours, Rezzy was with WWR volunteers and receiving emergency veterinary treatment. His story has inspired an overwhelming display of human compassion and teamwork, and brought together people from all over the world in the common bond of love for a dog.
   This video is a tribute to the volunteers, transporters, fosters and director of Wonder Weims Weimaraner Rescue and the never ending work they do for no greater reward than the tail wags of the dogs they save and the gratitude of the people who are adopted by them. It is dedicated to Rezzy, whose affectionate, gentle nature and willingness to trust in spite of everything demonstrates all we need to know about what love is.
   The video would not exist except for the songwriting brilliance of Jimmy Scott, so here's huge thank you to him for his words and music.Soundtrack: "Old Grey Dog" by Jimmy Scott, available at

Gift/Memorial Suggestions

Several of our friends have lost loved ones (human and pets) and we found that one of the best ways to honor their memory is to give to an animal charity.
What better way to recognize a life of love, than by giving another life a chance for love?
We donate to many animal rescues, but because we volunteer with
DC Weimaraner Rescue and Coast-to-Coast Dachshund Rescue, those are our 2 favorites.
Consider giving the chance of life to a dog or cat.

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