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INTERVIEW TONIGHT at 9pm! Balancing Science & Mediumship: Interview with Rob Gutro 03/11 by Paranormal Insider Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Remember that great A&E TV Series "Paranormal State" featuring Ryan Buell, Alex Matsuo and others from Penn State who investigated paranormal activities?  The radio show associated with the show is interviewing me TONIGHT at 9pm EST about my books!  - Rob

Balancing Science & Mediumship: Interview with Rob Gutro 03/11 by Paranormal Insider Radio | Blog Talk Radio
Join your host, Alex Matsuo, as she interviews meteorologist, Rob Gutro.  The special thing about Rob is that not only is he a meteorologist, but he is also a medium.  How does he balance his scientific knowledge with his abilities and knowledge of the paranormal?  How does he use science to explain ghosts and spiritis? Find out on Paranormal Insider Radio!

Rob considers himself an average guy, who just happens to be able to hear, feel, sense and communicate with Earth-bound ghosts and spirits who have passed on. Because he's still developing his abilities, he considers himself a "medium rare."
Rob is a meteorologist by trade and uses science to explain ghosts and spirits, how they energize to communicate and the difference between them. As a teenager, he realized he had the ability to communicate with them. Rob feels that the most rewarding thing about communicating with those who passed is to share messages with their loved ones left on Earth, to provide comfort that life goes on after our time on Earth, and that our loved ones are still with us.
Rob and his partner enjoy their dogs, ghost walks in various cities and visiting historic houses and sites to see who is still lingering behind and encourages them to move into the light to find peace.  He belongs to the Inspired Ghost Tracking group. Rob enjoys exercise, a good cup of coffee, paperback mysteries, talking about ghosts and spirits, weather, superheroes and still reads and collects comic books. In fact, since he was a boy, one of his favorite superheroes has always been the ghostly avenger created in the 1940s called "The Spectre."

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