Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Congrats to our friend Isabella- Books Now in Store!

Isabella's "Bound Trilogy" on the shelves of a bookstore!
Congrats to our friend Isabella on getting her books for sale in a local bookstore!   I worked with her side-by-side at the Baltimore Book Festival and she, her husband Darby and I became instant friends. I've read her series and it's awesome.
 - Here's the press release I wrote for her this weekend announcing her big event:

Local Author’s “Bound Trilogy” Now Featured at City Lights Bookstore 

SYLVA, N.C. – The amazing adult fantasy series called the “Bound Trilogy” by local author I.R. Harris has arrived at City Lights Bookstore.  

I'm so honored and in awe of City Lights Bookstore for putting us front and center with so many wonderful authors,” Harris said. “Thanks to all my readers for making this possible!”  

Harris of Sylva, N.C., has found success with her trilogy and sold out of all copies at the Baltimore Book Festival in Baltimore, Maryland in September 2012. 

The books of “The Bound Trilogy” are called “Bound,” “Fallen,” and “Awakening.” They involve a young human woman named Ana who becomes involved in the world of demons and vampires, which are commonplace in this adult fantasy series. Each demon needs to bond with a human to achieve immortality. The story is set in the exotic Indonesia, and the author paints a vivid picture that enables the reader to visualize the characters, setting and events.  

To Ana, the Bonding ritual is a dangerous part of being human. When Ana's peaceful life is suddenly intersected by a Bonder Demon named Nathanial, she is thrown into a roaring tempest of choices, of love, of ever changing loyalties, and of lies.  For Ana, does being Bound mean to live in the absence of love, of autonomy, of trust or does it mean she will have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to reclaim who she is and to save not only herself, but also the lives of those to which she is forever tied?  
The entire “Bound” trilogy is available in paperback or e-book on Amazon.com, and through the author’s website and blog. Books are also available on-line and as an e-book.  
Just recently Harris launched a companion blog called “The Gothic Transcendental” to complement her popular Adult Fantasy trilogy called “Bound.” The new blog contains insights to the author’s characters, inspirations and writing style, and can be found at: http://irharrisbooks.blogspot.com/ 

I.R. Harris has always been interested in writing and traveling. She received her Master’s degree in International Peace, Conflict and Sustainable Development from the University of Limerick in Ireland and constantly draw upon those experiences abroad throughout her writing process.  Her love for the outdoors and for travel has inspired interest in the study of Ecology, the preservation of indigenous culture, human rights and the dissemination of all knowledge through various creative processes.  

City Lights Bookstore is in Sylva, North Carolina - a small Main Street town tucked in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. It is located at 3 East Jackson Street,  Sylva, NC 28779, Tel. 828-586-9499. For more information about City Lights Bookstore, visit: http://www.citylightsnc.com/ 
For more information about City Lights Bookstore, visit: http://www.citylightsnc.com/ 
For the author’s website and blog , visit:  
www.irharrisbooks.com, irharrisbooks.storenvy.com, irharrisbooks.blogspot.com    
To follow I.R. Harris on Facebook or Twitter, visit:  

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