Friday, March 29, 2013

An Amazing Message from a Little Boy

   Anyone that follows our blog knows that I (Rob) can get messages from ghosts and spirits- and have had that gift since I was a teenager. This week, there was a special message from a spirit that I didn't know anything about - that had an important message for his parents.

  I usually have to clear my mind to get messages from ghosts or spirits and that means either concentration or relaxation. One place that my mind goes blank is in the shower, and that's where I've received a lot of messages. Moving water helps spirits by giving them energy to communicate.

Red overalls like I saw Andy wearing
  On Wednesday, March 27th when I was taking a shower I suddenly heard a little boy say "my name is Andy. Andy Andrew. In my mind he showed me that he was wearing red overalls and a blue shirt and sneakers and had dark colored hair (brown or black) and was wearing it in bangs.  He was about 3-4 years old. He then pointed to a boxy truck - that looked like a toy- boxy meaning firetruck-like or a small box truck. That meant that there was some importance to it.   - He also said, "Tell mom and dad that I'm okay here, and not to worry. Everything is good."
  I couldn't figure out whom he belonged to, and who his mom and dad were, but I know that they're both still alive. Here's where the mystery became clear.
  The next night, Tom and I attended a book signing event for a woman associated with the Inspired Ghost Tracking Group we belong to. Sharon Ramirez was autographing her book "Phantomology 101," and many of the group members were present at the signing (which occurred in a room at a local restaurant).
   Tom and I sat at a table with some of the members and enjoyed dinner and conversation. After Sharon talked about her book and began signing them, I moved over to another table to talk with our friends Ronda and Nancy. Ronda spoke about her uncle that passed away recently and how he was not a nice person. I sensed that her uncle is currently Earth-bound for that very reason. As we were talking about ghosts and spirits, I mentioned that I had a visitor and message from the night before.
  Nancy, who was sitting across the table from me, gasped when I said the little boy said his name was "Andy - Andrew." I told her the rest of the details, and she told me she had chills.
A kid that resembles Andy that I saw
  Nancy told me that about 35 years ago or so, a little boy named "Andy Andrews" who lived in her neighborhood with his mom and dad, had passed away around age 3 or 4. She recalled that he wore his hair in bangs, just as I saw Andy appear to me. She immediately the significance of the box truck. Andy's father used to drive an ice-cream truck, which is a boxy truck.
  I told Nancy that Andy wants to let his parents know he's okay. Nancy said she would check to see if one of the parents still lived in the neighborhood, because they got divorced after Andy's premature death.
  What does that mean? Spirits, like Andy, know that upcoming events in our lives will lead us to someone to convey their message to the appropriate people. That's why Andy came to me when he did. Just another lesson I learned from the dead. Hopefully, Nancy will be able to contact one or both of Andy's parents and tell them the comforting message I received.
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