Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today is Franklin's 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me, Franklin the Dachshund!
I, Franklin, turn 6 today. I guess that's about 35 in human years, but I really don't care. Just give me treats.
I've got a strong personality, and love to wander around outside, bark and chase squirrels, birds, and bunnies. In fact, I've caught and took some of them down! If I can't catch one, then just give me treats for chasing them out of the yard.
My sister, Dolly doesn't look all that much like me other than she's also German, and a hound-like dog. I've heard people call her a "Weimaraner." She's great, though, because she loves to run and fetch and play with our daddies so I can sniff the ground in the backyard and forage for anything edible. Well, I even eat stuff that's not supposed to be edible!
Dolly likes putting her head on my back and using me as a pillow, and I think that's really nice. I love my sister, more than most humans love their siblings!
Here's a photo of my sister Dolly and I on the night before my birthday, after a nice walk outside. Dolly was loving it (See her smiling?), while I was tired!

Food is simply a passion. I live for it. I love it. Although I eat Purina One diet food (okay, so I have an extra pound or two on me), daddies put me on green beans, too and walk me 2-3 times a day. Jeez. That's a lot for a dog with 2 inch long legs. Dolly's legs are about 12" high!! How is that fair to me?
I know where the treat cabinet is at home, and like to hang out there. I love Milk Bone "pigs in blanket" treats, and crave bacon-flavored "Beggin' Strips!"
Tonight, as our daddies usually do, we'll be going to Petsmart to buy me more of my favorite treats and toys. I LOVE birthdays!

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