Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dental Trouble!

I (Rob) have "soft" teeth, which means all the brushing, flossing, anti-cavity stuff, gargling, etc. don't do much to prevent cavities. Fortunately, Tom has "hard" teeth, and very rarely gets a cavity. Over the last couple of years, I have contributed a lot to paying my dentist's mortgage. :(
Last week, I went in for a follow up to my 3rd root canal (which I will never get again after this- they're just coming out from now on). The temporary filling was re-filled with another temporary, because there was painful pressure inside the tooth. Now, that same tooth is causing pressure-pain on the completed (older) root canal behind it and waking me up at night! I have another appointment on Thursday, and I'm ready to say "pull the damned thing" and face getting an implant (however much THAT costs). I'm tired of hurting, filling-filled teeth.
Last week I wrote about a connection between root canals (keeping in the body's toxins) affecting internal organs, and even ties to cancer. I now figure that if my body wants it gone, then it needs to go. It would be like driving with a flat tire. Your car is telling you to replace it to function better and not screw up the tire rims!
So, until I get to the Thursday appointment, I'm chock full of ibuprofen. I hate teeth! Think about this: The mountain folks in West Virginia that lose them all always seem to be healthier and live longer. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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