Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Weekend

WEEKENDS - Weekends all fly by, just like this one did. We were busy as always, and we enjoyed the Amazing Race, despite 2 of the dumbest contestants ever.
1) After 7am haircuts, we had our neighbors over for Saturday morning breakfast (long overdue since they shoveled us out in February during the 2 blizzards when we weren't here).
2) Dropped off patio furniture to friends in Gaithersburg (2+ hr. roundtrip)
3) Met Tom's folks for dinner; took dog walks; etc.
4) Sunday breakfast at Panera with friends at 7:30am; dog walks; running errands (of course Home Depot and Lowes were in there). Dinner with Jeff. and then watched "The Amazing Race"
5) Dolly got up at 3:45am today and had to throw up from eating grass. EESH. I wound up curling up on the floor with her under a blanket to keep watch on her (she was shivering) until 5am when Tom got up for work. So, I'm tired!!
AMAZING RACE: THESE MODELS ARE JUST DUMB- There's a couple on the Amazing Race who are both models and we are just waiting for them to lose. They are both really just, well, dumb. I know, its not right to call people that- but they don't have a grasp on the English language (often using the wrong words -if you don't know what it means, don't use it); always cussing and saying "I hate you" to each other; and frankly, we don't find them at all attractive. We also don't find Brent, the guy, attractive at all. He removed his shirt to swim in last night's episode and we were expecting something attractive, but there was nothing. Caite was on the Miss Teen USA contest, and apparently stumbled all over an answer. This is what she said her "Goal in life" is (it's on the Amazing Race Website):
Being able to overcome the embarrassment from the flub I made on national television during the Miss Teen USA pageant." THAT'S A GOAL??? As I said: dumb. Here's a photo of Brent and Caite (who can't spell her own name either, apparently).

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