Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Italy Blog #8: Venice: Faces & Murals on Buildings

Faces on buildings
Tom and Rob admiring the building faces
In this eighth blog about Italy, we'll show you some interesting faces on buildings  in Venice and how Venice was constructed.

Head and torso of a woman as a doorknob
A mural from a wine maker, restored
FACES ON BUILDINGS, DOORS - Buildings in Venice offered a lot of things to look at, architecturally. Some had faces on the walls, others on door knobs, and yet others on cornerstones. Most of the faces seemed to be non-human or perhaps images from Roman mythology. 

MURALS ON BUILDINGS - We were told by one of our tour guides that some of the homes (especially on the Grand Canal) had murals or frescos on the front of the buildings. They were either paintings or done in tile and most have since worn off from weather over the centuries. If you look at the photo below, you'll be able to see a hint of a mural, now very, very faded

A worn out mural on a building face

typical flooding on a walkway
 CONSTRUCTING VENICE - DID YOU KNOW? The city of Venice was built in the early 1500's A.D. on a collection of 117 low islands at the center of a lagoon. According to http://illumin.usc.edu, In order to build a city above the water, early architects had to build stable foundations that were sunk deep into a bed of compounded silt and sand called subsoil. The construction material of choice for these foundations was wood stakes from native alder trees. Wood made an ideal foundation material because the submerged wood was not exposed to air, which inhibited deterioration and rotting. In addition, the wood provided a strong, yet flexible support that could resist the constant movement of the tides. For more about the city and its sinking problem, click for an article from the University of Southern California. 

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