Saturday, June 11, 2016

2 "Big Movies" We Couldn't Get Through

Over the last year, two movies that have received high praise and critical acclaim that we had not yet watched were "The Martian" and "Deadpool." Well, over the last month, we managed to watch them (Deadpool on the plane to Italy).
  As you can tell by the title of this blog, we just could not get through either of them. Why?

1) The Martian - We saw this one on DVD and were glad we did. 
The first hour was pretty good, but once the Mars' astronaut's base was blown apart, we had had enough. Yeah, we are both passionate about NASA, but this was about the movie... and although Matt Damon was really good, it grew tedious after the first hour. So, we turned it off and the next day fast-forwarded to the last 10 minutes. That's all we needed.

So, how to make it better?
One: it could have been a LOT shorter than 2 1/2 hours (although we didn't see the last 80 minutes).
Two: if Matt Damon decided to take his shirt off and walk around for most of the movie, we would have watched the entire thing. :) 

2) Deadpool - Tom wouldn't even watch this, and I'm glad he didn't.
I (Rob) love superhero movies - generally. Iove Ryan Reynolds (the star of the film) and think he's super hot. But neither worked here for me.
First, it was WAY too violent- That's why it was rated R (which in my opinion is foolish, since teenagers are buying and reading comics just as adults are reading them. On a related note -the producers were actually marketing it to kids (yes, and it's R-rated). Go figure.
Second, the character was all over the place. Of course, since I don't read Deadpool comics, maybe that's him. But he was happy, sad, neurotic, angry, laughing, murderous and just crazy. How can you relate to that?
 YES - I watched about 45 minutes of it and fast-forwarded the rest of it to the last 5 minutes. I was not impressed.

So, how to make it better?  
One: reduce the number of people being hacked to pieces and shot to smithereens.
Two - stop shooting police officers!  I HATE that in TV and movies.
Three - tone the craziness of the character down to make him somewhat relatable.
Four- the use of the two Xmen who guest starred seemed really goofy. 
Five - As in the case with Matt Damon in the Martian - here you have Ryan Reynolds, the hottest, most muscularly-toned hunky actor in the business. If he walked around sans shirt I would've watched at least all of those parts.

Just our two cents. .. of course I LOVED Batman Vs. Superman (Tom thought it okay). So, see that one again instead. 


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