Thursday, June 9, 2016

How Gullible Are You: Clinton & Trump Email Stories

Welcome to another edition of "How Gullible Are You." Since the political race for President of the United States is heating up, there are a LOT of fake news stories coming out about the candidates. Many of them get sent to people via email, who just believe them without researching them.
   JUST KNOW -that if you DO get an email slamming one or the other candidate, or accusing them of something, it's likely FALSE.
   Take a look at these and see how you fared - while trying to figure out the truth. TRUE or FALSE is listed beneath each to see if you were gullible!

1) Hillary Clinton Disqualified by U.S. Code Title 18, Section 2071  A chain message claims that Hillary Clinton is disqualified from holding public office under U.S. Code Title 18, Section 2071.

2) Donald Trump Rejects Offer to Debate Bernie Sanders  The presumptive GOP nominee said of Sanders: “It seems inappropriate that I would debate the second-place finisher.” TRUE

3) Anonymous Hacks IRS Database – Publishes Trump’s Tax Returns   FALSE -   A fake news article reported that Donald Trump's tax returns were posted online after Anonymous hacked the IRS database.

4) Obama Apologizes for Dropping Atomic Bomb on Japan?

While President Obama offered his sympathies for the loss of life during a visit to Hiroshima, he did not apologize for dropping the bomb.  FALSE.  (this is another right-wing nut lie) 

5) Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges?  FALSE

A Huffington Post link circulating Facebook suggested Hillary Clinton would imminently face a racketeering (or RICO) indictment, but the item was unvetted.   

WHAT'S TRUE: Frank Huguenaud published an unvetted article on Huffington Post's Contributor platform claiming Hillary Clinton would be indicted on racketeering charges, an article that was soon removed from the site.
WHAT'S FALSE: No one else has reported on anything similar Huguenaud's claims, and his article provided no citations nor any credible information suggesting there was any truth to his claims.

6) Bernie Sanders' Lavish Private Jet Menu?

A menu from a Bernie Sanders charter flight is real, but the selections were standard fare for Delta charters and not an example of hypocritical excess. MOSTLY FALSE

WHAT'S TRUE: A widely-circulated photograph of a menu from a flight chartered by the Bernie Sanders campaign was authentic and unaltered.
WHAT'S FALSE: The menu was not any different from Delta's commercial and charter flight offerings for Spring 2016; Sanders didn't fly on a private jet; photos of the purported private jet did not depict part of the Delta fleet; Sanders selected from available charter menu offerings and didn't demand lobster or "corn-fed chicken"; Delta (not charter customers) is responsible for available menu choices on chartered flights.


7) Bernie Sanders Naps at Memorial Day Event

A photograph that appears to show the Democratic presidential candidate napping at a Memorial Day event is unclear in context.UNPROVEN (he could have been bowing his head in respect...) 
Origin:On 30 May 2016, activist and military veteran Zoe Dunning published a photograph on Facebook purportedly showing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders napping during a Memorial Day ceremony:

8) Photograph Shows 100,000 Bikers at Rally with Donald Trump

A years-old photograph was used to illustrate claims that thousands of bikers attended a Donald Trump rally in 2016. FALSE-  This Photo was Doctored and is YEARS OLD


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