Monday, June 13, 2016

Italy Blog #2 - Airport Insanity

Welcome to the second blog of our trip to Italy!  We took the trip in May. This blog is about two of the airports we
Even Google appeared confused about the terminals!
flew through... that presented challenges: JFK in New York, and Charles DeGaul in Paris. This will give you a good idea about what to expect.

JFK AIRPORT - Fortunately, we had checked our bags all the way through. That helped because the JFK airport has limited signage and whatever signs there are, are poor. We flew into one terminal and struggled to find the International terminal and gate we needed to fly to Paris. Why? Because the terminals are NOT connected, and are not in order.
  For example, terminal one is not connected to terminal 2. You have to go OUTSIDE and follow a small sidewalk to get to the next terminal. Look on line and you'll see that terminal 6 of 9 isn't even listed.
  We couldn't find the way OUT of the terminal, as there were NO signs indicating "outside" or "downstairs" for Terminal X. We tried asking several people and they were rude or they just pointed and said "that way." We finally found an escalator down one level (unmarked) and went outside.
  We walked to the next terminal, which was the right one, and went through Security all over again.

ANOTHER ODDITY- When we got to Terminal 2 and we went to the gate listed, there was a line to go to a BUS on the tarmac outside. Turned out the bus took us to Terminal 4 for the flight. WHAAT??  The board said Terminal 2, and that gate. That was to get you to a shuttle from an airport gate. This was Bizarre. 

So, be warned. Next time you go to JFK, be aware that the signs and the employees likely won't help you find out where you need to go.

To keep this short, we got the same dis-service at the Charles DeGaul airport in Paris. No help, bad signage...and of course not sleeping on the plane didn't help. From there it was off to Venice!


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