Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Our Funny Story: "Squirrel head!"

Over the summertime what Tom thinks is a really funny thing happened to me (Rob) and I call it "Squirrel head!"

The Story of "Squirrel Head"
The dogs' stuffed squirrel, with head intact

Our dogs, Dolly, Franklin and Tyler have a lot of stuffed toys. Some of them are stuffed animals that look like squirrels since they love chasing the real ones in the back yard. One evening, Tom and I went out and had dinner with friends and we put up a gate between the den and the kitchen, so the dogs didn't get up on the chairs to look out the window (especially because the Dachshunds could hurt their backs).

As we came in the house, I removed my glasses (which I wear for distance - as I can't see more than 3 feet in front of me without blurred vision). That was my first mistake! 

As I took down the gate, I stopped at the doorway to the kitchen and looked down and saw a rounded shape that looked like the head of the stuffed animal squirrel. Keep in mind there was a dim light in the kitchen, so it was dark. So, I picked it up. That was my second mistake! 

I immediately threw it back down on the kitchen floor when I realized that our Weimaraner Dolly, got so excited when we came home, she let out a little "Number 2" on the floor!! 

WELL, It LOOKED like the head of the stuffed squirrel!   

Ever since then, Tom loves to joke with me and say "Go pick up that squirrel head!"


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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
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