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Linthicum: Woman's Club to host 'Inspired' ghost trackers Tonight at 7pm

Tonight- another talk about Ghosts during Halloween month!  This one is in Linthicum, Maryland, near the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.  The Woman's Club to host 'Inspired' ghost trackers Tonight at 7pm - and we'll be there for this one (as co-presenters!).!

Linthicum: Woman's Club to host 'Inspired' ghost trackers

Phil Turner
Ghost trackers to speak at Linthicum Women's Club
For most, Halloween is a fun, annual tradition, but for long-time ghost and spirit tracker Margaret Ehrlich, the themes of this holiday are a consistent, year-round state of mind.
"Halloween brings out the ghostly in everybody, but for us, it's all the time," said Ehrlich, the founder of Inspired Ghost Tracking, a paranormal research and investigative team that serves clients in Maryland and surrounding areas.
"Many women will get ghost stickers and wear them on their finger nails, but only around Halloween time," said Ehrlich. "But I wear them all the time and no one thinks anything of it because they know that this is what I do."
Ehrlich and members of the Inspired Ghost Tracking team will lead a lecture open to the public at the GFWC Woman's Club of Linthicum Heights clubhouse, 110 N. Hammond's Ferry Road on Monday at 7 p.m.
Ehrlich's talk Monday evening will cover topics such as the difference between a spirit and a ghost and introduce her team's investigative methods and the solutions it provides when people call upon their services, which are free of charge.
Anita Dragan, chairman of the evening group, said she is excited to learn more about the paranormal.
"Everyone seems to know someone who has a ghost in their house," said Dragan. "I am excited – I have no idea what to expect."
Midge Knell, membership chairman for the club, said a ghost tracking team spoke to the group back in 2005 and that she thought it was a good time – 10 years later – to revisit the topic.
"It just fascinates me," said Knell of why she set this up as the group's monthly evening meet. "I just want to hear some of their stories and see what they've been involved in."
"I lived in what I thought, and my family thought, was a haunted house," said Ehrlich of her family home in Riverdale in Prince George's County. "It always intrigued me, and it always scared me."
"We had all kinds of things happen," said Ehrlich of why the family felt its house was haunted. "Our chairs would move around at night, we had an attic that would open up at night and close up in the morning. There were cold spots and you often smelled a fire burning when there was no fire burning."
Inspired Ghost Tracking - 2013 photo
Ehrlich, who described herself as a "spiritualist," said some people are afraid to ask for help with the paranormal because they either feel it is a taboo religious subject or just plain hogwash.
"A lot of people don't believe in this stuff because they were taught not to believe in it, but you get a whole lot of people who are intrigued by it and are just afraid to tell people," Ehrlich said.
"We attempt to remove what is going on in their home," said Ehrlich of what she and her team do for people who feel they have either a ghost or spirit in their house.
Regardless of one's beliefs or thoughts on the afterlife or the paranormal, Ehrlich said her lecture is simply meant to inform people of the services her group offers.
"We are not going to mock you if you don't believe in it," said Ehrlich. "You are either open to the paranormal or you are not. This is what we do – this is what we believe in. Hopefully with what we show you or what we tell you might look at it a little bit differently."

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