Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Party (and Rob's New Superhero Outfit)

Haunted Mansion Hostess and Robin
Yesterday at the office,Rob's office had an annual Halloween party, which included a costume contest and a food contest. This year, I (Rob) baked cupcakes and attended as a different superhero.

Our friend Lynn Jenner and my co-worker loves Halloween as much as I do (Tom doesn't like it), so she arranged the party.

CUPCAKES-- I would like to think I did our friend Jason Hisley (pastry chef extraordinnaire /bakery owner of La Cakerie in Baltimore) proud, because although I used Pilsbury Halloween cake mix, I decorated the cupcakes with all kinds of themed stuff and candy corn. I won third prize for them! :) 

Robin and Batman
Rob and Batman
ROB'S NEW "ROBIN" COSTUME - One of my favorite superheroes has always been Robin the teen wonder (Batman's sidekick). Robin's costume has changed a lot since he debuted in 1941 and now wears boots, long pants, and a black cape. The yellow cape, short pants and little booties went away because they were impractical).  So, I put the costume together using various components of other costumes I had (Green boots from my Green Lantern costume and a black cape from a Dracula costume). My costume also won first prize, too!  How fun!
Lynn as the Haunted Mansion Hostess

Before the party, I was walking around my building and in the lobby was another NASA employee dressed as Batman, so we HAD to get a picture together!

Karl the pirate and Robin
Just like animals: L to R: the Owl, Bunny suit, Bear, Fox
HAUNTED MANSION GREETER - Lynn J. loves Disney so she came as the greeter  to the Haunted Mansion! She had the entire outfit down to the name tags! 

Robin and Katniss Everdeen
Robin and Cynthia the Riddler
Kasha the Satellite being fixed by engineer bunny
Ryan the Owl and Robin
Robin and Laura as Indy
Aries as the Martian Potato Sack and Robin
OTHER GREAT COSTUMES - Laura and Rob both came as Indiana Jones, Ryan came as an owl, Jefferson came in a NASA clean room suit with rabbit ears, because they're called "bunny suits," Pat as a fox, Ashley came as Katniss Everdeen from "The Hunger Games" novel/movie, Amy came as an expectant mom (because she is), Leslee as a nanny, Stephanie as a
Robin the teen wonder
teddy bear, Karl as a pirate, Michelle as a 50s Sock hop girl, Kasha as a satellite, Cynthia as the Riddler, and Aries as the last sack of potatoes that astronaut Mark Watley had when he landed on Mars in the movie "The Martian." 

Gift/Memorial Suggestions

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What better way to recognize a life of love, than by giving another life a chance for love?
We donate to many animal rescues, but because we volunteer with
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Tom and Rob Thinking Hard!
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