Friday, January 2, 2015

I interviewed Author Roberta Grimes about her book "The Fun of Staying in Touch"

It's unusual for me to get the opportunity to actually interview an author. But that's what I got to do with Roberta Grimes.     Roberta Grimes is currently on a book tour, promoting her book called "The Fun of Staying in Touch" and I had a chance to interview her about it and how it came to be. She's not a medium, but she's a researcher who compiled all the ways people communicate from the other side.
   The book was really well written and I found it very enjoyable. You would never know she wasn't a medium. Everyone should read this. It's a great overview and introduction to spirit communications. It will offer everyone comfort!
 Here are the questions and answers.


1) I'd like to give readers an idea of the person that is Roberta Grimes. 
Tell me about yourself, where you grew up, what you wanted to do for a career...

I grew up in Massachusetts, always expecting to be an attorney, and my career has been in advising small businesses. Nevertheless, when I was eight and again at the age of twenty I had extraordinary experiences of light which started me on a search to understand reality. It has been a consuming hobby! While I have had a conventional life as a wife (of 42 years), a mother (of 3), and a grandmother (of 5), I have spent my every spare minute researching, writing, and speaking about the glorious greater reality of which this universe is a part, and the beyond-wonderful certainty that our minds are eternal.

2) Do you have an ability to get messages from those who passed?
I'm not a medium, but rather I am a serious researcher - I have spent decades reading nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead, most of them received before 1950. When combined with quantum physics and consciousness research, they tell a compelling and amazingly consistent story!

3) What do you do for a full-time job?
I still practice business law, but I spend much of my time writing and speaking about what I have learned about death and the afterlife.
4) What inspired you to write the book?
I have been surprised to find that most people have no idea about the signs that the dead send to us of their survival, and no notion of how much good work is being done in the area of afterlife communication! The Fun of Staying in Touch is an easily read and highly accessible summary of both areas, and it includes an annotated bibliography so people can discover these truths for themselves.
5) Tell me about the book. What kinds of things would someone find in it?
The Fun of Staying in Touch includes a section on signs from the dead, and a section on how we can initiate communication, including what seems to be coming next. It is complete, but at the same time it's a quick and enjoyable read.
6) What inspired you to write the book? Is it your first?
My first book on this subject was The Fun of Dying - Find Out What Really Happens Next, which was first published in 2010 and has lately been reissued. For me then to talk about communication in a second book was a natural segue. My third book, completing this trilogy, will be The Fun of Growing Forever, due in 2017. I also have published five novels, the first two in 1992 and 1993 and then a trilogy that starts a seven-novel saga.

7) Are there messages from pets as well as people in the book?
The Fun of Staying in Touch talks about some wonderful communications from pets, including an extraordinary communication dream that I received from my horse after his death.
8) What different types of personalities do you write about from the other side?
The communications that I have read include an astonishing range of people. We remain ourselves after we have transitioned - just the act of dying doesn't bring enlightenment - and I can tell some amusing (and some sad) stories of these people's efforts to adjust to their new situations.

9) I understand that you studied religion or religions. Does that play into your book or is it more spiritual?
I did major in religion in college, but my research is entirely fact-based. The problem with religions is that, while they often express aspects of what appears to be the truth, they have devolved into belief-systems. I don't want to believe; I want to KNOW!
 10) Do you combine science with spiritualism to explain communications and the afterlife?
No - my work is entirely scientific. In fact, this is the grounding for a whole new wave of physics that will become the prevailing mode of physics by the end of this century; I call it "the third wave."

 11) Do you provide messages to people on a daily basis or offer a service for readings?
I don't do readings, but I do communicate often with people by email and even by phone who are undertaking their own research, and I speak occasionally at various venues. I love to help people on their voyages of discovery!
 12) What do you hope that people will come away with after reading your book?
I hope to inform and enlighten the curious, comfort the grieving, and start as many people as possible on the same voyage of discovery that has been my own really wonderful hobby!

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