Friday, January 30, 2015

Colonoscopy Time! Our experience/tips: What to expect, Prep and more!

When you reach the magic age of 50, your doctor recommends you get a colonoscopy. Well, we both reached that magic number and yesterday had a colonoscopy.  
   We learned that the two top killers of men are prostate and colon cancer... so although it's nothing to look forward to, it's worthwhile.  Fortunately, the procedure was short (in and out in a couple of hours). The prep was the worst part.  
   We're both good for another 10 years, so it was welcome news. Here are some tips we learned to help make YOUR adventure less stressful. - Rob and Tom

Here's the facts  from the Movi Prep website about it:  
A Colonoscopy is the best available test for detecting and preventing colon cancer, but a successful colonoscopy requires a complete colonoscopy prep.  An effective colonoscopy prep allows your doctor to examine the entire lining of your colon for abnormal growths, which may grow into cancer if they are not detected and removed.


Okay, so this is truly the worst part of it all. Here are some things you need to know and our tips
1) A Week Out- 7 days before the colonoscopy, stop taking vitamins, Aspirin (thins blood) and do not eat Nuts or Seeds (they get held up in your colon and give a false sense of a polyp).
2) Check with your Insurance - to ensure that the facility your doctor recommends is IN YOUR NETWORK. Ours was, so we were good. I also called to let them know. you're going in and when. *Check your co-pay, too.*
3) Fill out Health History Forms On-Line (in advance) and bring with you. Include ALL medications on it. 
4) Get your Prescription for MoviPrep a week in advance -   MoviPrep is a low-volume colonoscopy prep that is proven to provide a clear view of the entire colon, allowing your doctor to detect abnormal growths.INFO:
5) Get Milk of Magnesia in advance
6) Schedule first thing because you CAN'T EAT or DRINK the day of the procedure

1) No solid food all day!!!!
2) Clear liquids, no dairy products. 
3) Can only have 1 cup of coffee or tea (no cream)
4) Drink at least 48 oz. of water  (You can mix with white grape juice or white cranberry juice. NO Citrus juices.
5) We had chicken and beef bullion soup for lunch and dinner
6) PREP TIME - At 1pm after lunch we took 3 tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia (that was nasty!)
7) At 4pm we mixed MOVI PREP in the big plastic container. You have to drink one quarter of it every 15 minutes.
8) Within an hour- you'll be spending good hour in the bathroom. Have a GOOD BOOK in there. :) 
- Yes, it causes your stomach to roil, and bloating- but its' a laxative!
9) At 6pm, we had dinner- bullion soup.
10) By 8pm We had the 2nd and LAST container of MoviPrep, Drinking 1/4 of it at a time over an hour.
11) By 9pm it was fun time again.... By this time, though, you're passing mostly water    (your tummy should settle by 11pm)
12) DRINK Water after this, but STOP ALL WATER by midnight.

1) Schedule first thing because you CAN'T EAT or DRINK the day of the procedure (you can have a sip of water with any necessary meds the morning of if needed) 
2) Remove all Jewelry except wedding band!  Don't take cell phones unless you need them- everything including all of your clothes (except your socks) get stuffed in a bag under your gurney. Yes, you have to wear a backless gown. Good luck tying it!!!!

3) The Anesthesia-  They used propofal  to knock you out and Don't put tubes down your throat.
  **NOTE TO ASTHMATICS - Because I have asthma, and have had an attack after anesthesia I asked about this. It's only anesthesia where they put breathing tubes in your throat that irritate your lungs and can trigger attacks. With Propfal, they don't do that, so I didn't have an asthma attack. GOOD TO KNOW.
4) They take blood pressure, temp, etc. and put an IV in you. Then you're wheeled into the procedure room.
5) You lay on your side (they will tell you which side), ask you a question while inserting the Propfal in the IV, and after you answer the question You're OUT!
6) Length of the procedure: Ours lasted between 10-15 minutes. We assume all are under 30 minutes.
7) You awake within 15-30 mins. in a recovery room and the doc gives you the news.
8) You will likely need to clean up briefly before getting dressed and they'll walk you out to the waiting room for your ride.
9)  Afterward, you'll be hungry! - the recommend something light (but we had a chicken sandwich)
10) Two hours after the procedure, you should be feeling pretty good, although you may be groggy or woozy from the anesthesia. (You just can't Drive that day or night). 
Best of luck with your procedure... and don't be nervous!


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