Friday, May 14, 2010

Dad's Spirit Helps Mom Fly Home

On Sunday, May 9 my mother's two-week visit ended and I took her to the airport. This was the first time that she had to fly alone in her life (My brother flew down with her and flew back after a couple of days) and she was nervous. When you're dealing with someone who is prone to anxiety attacks, sometimes news like "you'll be flying home alone" shouldn't be shared well in advance because that person will obsess over it, so we told her at the airport that morning of her return after getting her through security (and she was okay because I got a special "Non Passenger Escort" pass that let me take her to the gate (Southwest airlines is WONDERFUL!).
While we were in the security line my mother saw a dime on the floor but couldn't pick it up. Spirits often toss pennies, dimes and quarters in front of us to let us know they're there. Mom didn't tell me about it and we went through security. On the other side, she went to the restroom and came out holding a dime! She said "this dime was just on the counter in the restroom," and she explained about the other dime she had seen. She said "I know it's your father." She was right. When she told me that I had already started getting the tell-tale headache that lets me know spirits or ghosts are around. I sensed my dad sitting right beside her with his hand on her shoulder. I told her he was there to sit with her on the flight. My dad told me to tell mom that she should return for Christmas, so I told her. She said "Like heck I will!" I heard my dad's spirit laughing and he said "That's my Norma!" He stayed with us and he showed me that he'd be sitting with her on the flight to keep her calm. She understood and was calmed and relieved!
When it came time for her to pre-board, I asked the attendant to take her to a seat and he did. Great service on Southwest! I didn't feel my dad's spirit with me and knew he had "boarded" the plane with my mother, so she was safe and sound. Once again, my dad comes through from beyond!

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