Monday, January 30, 2017

Italy Blog #88: Pompeii Part 9: A Major Pompeii Square and Court House Ruins

Tom and Rob at the Palace of Justice ruins
In this final Pompeii blog, we'll just give you some pictures from one of Pompeii's big squares where people gathered for things from politics to leisure and ruins of a court house.

I (Rob) can't seem to recall what the name of this square is, and although we were told it was surrounded by buildings like the city hall and "Palace of Justice" I couldn't find any info about either of those buildings on line. So, here's what we were told.  

Part of the square with building remnants around
The square was surrounded by temples to the gods of Jupiter and Apollo on the north sides. On the south side of the square was the city hall, and on the west side was the Palace of Justice. 
A broken column

Maybe this is Hercules?

WHAT HAPPENED AT "JUSTICE"? - There were judges that sat in this building and as they do today, heard cases deciding guilt or innocence. There was also a place for prisoners. 

Everything about the Palace of Justice was in ruins. There were a couple of statues, that were not identified. 

 We really liked the one large statue standing far from the Palace looking out over the Tyrrenian Sea. Our guess is that it's Hercules.

NEXT: The Parade of the Gladiators

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