Tuesday, January 10, 2017

8 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Federal Happenings this Week

Can you find anything good in these things? 
For everyone who wants to understand what's happening with the "transition of power" in Washington, DC to the new adminstration, here are the facts on this past week's events. Each of these has links to the news sources, in case you have any doubts. It's difficut to see how any of these things are in the public good.

The federal week in review: Week of January 2, 2017.
1. Trump fires all Ambassadors and Special Envoys, ordering them out by inauguration day. Normally, they have always been given a grace period.
2. House brings back the Holman rule allowing them to reduce an individual civil service, SES positions, or political appointee's salary to $1, effectively firing Federal employees by amendment to any piece of legislation. We now know why they wanted names and positions of people in Energy and State.
3. Ethics  office accuses GOP of rushing Trump Cabinet confirmations - Senate schedules 6 simultaneous hearings on cabinet nominees and triple-books those hearings with Trump's first press conference in months and an ACA budget vote, effectively preventing any concentrated coverage or protest.
4. House GOP expressly forbids the Congressional Budget Office from reporting or tracking ANY costs related to the repeal of the ACA.  So the costs cannot be tracked.
5. Trump continued to cast doubt on the intelligence community under the bus to protect Putin, despite the growing mountain of evidence that the Russians deliberately interfered in our election.
6. Trump breaks a central campaign promise to make Mexico pay for the wall by asking Congress (in other words, the U.S. taxpayers) to pay for it.
7. -
Donald Trump just threatened Toyota — but it looks like he got the facts wrong
Trump threatens Toyota over a new plant that was never coming to the US nor will take jobs out of the US.
Suspending the Rules: How Congress Plans to Undermine Public Safety - The House passes the REINS act, giving them veto power over any rules enacted by any federal agency or department--for example, FDA or EPA bans a drug or pesticide, Congress can overrule based on lobbyists not science. Don't like that endangered species designation, Congress kills it.

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