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Italy Blog #73: Rome: The Arch of Titus

Arch of Titus on a hillside
In this Italy blog, we're going to investigate the history behind the "Arch of Titus" which was part of ancient Rome. We learned that during the "Flavian dynasty" time in roman history, emperors would have structures like arches built to commemorate battles won. By erecting monuments, they kept the events in the minds of people longer. In this case, it was a battle won by the Emperor Vespasian's son, Titus in 71 C.E. (common era) or A.D. if you prefer. 
"Arch of Titus"

Emperor Titus by Savannah E on Prezi
WHAT WAS THE BATTLE? - Titus had quelled a dangerous revolt in the Roman province of Judea and returned to Rome to celebrate. This was later called the "Jewish war." Not only that, but the Flavian dynasty (Vespasian and his two sons Titus and Domitian) had succeeded in winning the throne during the year 69 C.E.—a time of bloody civil turmoil known as the “Year of the Four Emperors.”

WHERE IS IT LOCATED? -The Arch of Titus is located in Summa Sacra Via, the highest point of the Sacra Via, Rome's "Sacred Way" that served as its main processional street. It honored Titus posthumously and was a project that was built by his younger brother and imperial successor, Domitian (emperor, 81-96 C.E.). The monument’s completion occurred after Titus’ death in September of 81 C.E.
The carving of men stealing a menorah

WHAT'S THE INSCRIPTION ON IT SAY? - The Senate and the Roman people (dedicate this) to the deified Titus Vespasian Augustus, son of the deified Vespasian

TWO CARVED SCENES - In one scene on the arch, Romans carry spoils from the Temple in Jerusalem, including a Menorah, sacred trumpets and the showbread table. The other scene shows   Titus in a triumphal four-horse chariot  followed closely by the goddess of Victory preceded by official attendants  and accompanied by symbolic representations of the Senate, the Roman people, and Virtus.

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