Friday, January 13, 2017

Italy Blog #79: Naples: Castle Dell 'Ovo

Tom at Castle Dell Ovo
In this blog, we'll walk you through Castle (or Castello) Dell 'Ovo, which just happened to be across the street from our hotel, and on the Bay of Naples. It was pretty cool. The castle was free and open to the public. It was built on a volcanic inlet (of course, as Mount Vesuvius can be seen from it)on the former island of Megaride, now a peninsula, on the Gulf of Naples in Italy. 

Rob at Castle Dell Ovo

BUILT WITH TUFFACEOUS STONE - WHAT IS IT? - The castle was built with "Tuff" or "Tuffaceous" stone. According to, Tuff is an igneous rock that forms from the products of an explosive volcanic eruption. In these eruptions, the volcano blasts rock, ash, magma and other materials from its vent. This ejecta travels through the air and falls back to Earth in the area surrounding the volcano. If the ejected material is compacted and cemented into a rock, that rock will be called "tuff."

TIMELINE OF CASTLE HISTORY - While in the castle I (Rob) wrote down some of the important dates. This impressive castle stands on the site of a 6th century B.C. Greek colony, and later a Roman fortress. At one time the castle was used for a prison.

CASTLE BACKGROUND - Built by the Normans in the 12th century, Naples’ oldest castle owes its name (Castle of the Egg) to Virgil. The Roman scribe reputedly buried an egg on the site where the castle now stands, warning that when the egg breaks, the castle (and Naples) will fall.
Tom walking up the castle stairs

Tom looking out at Mt. Vesuvis
Rob at a cannon
1ST CENTURY - Military strategist Lucio Cincinio Lucillo bought the islet. He had (others) planted first cherry and peach trees.
1100s - the original castle was built
1370 A.D. - A seaquake damaged the castle
1442-1503 - King Alfo restored the castle dock, the defense structure and along with three other castles it became the defense of the city.
1503 - Ferdinand the Catholic and forces attacked and damaged the castle
Looking up a passageway
1595 - A new access bridge to the castle was built
1670s - The access bridge collapsed in a storm
18th and 19th centuries - the castle was used for the military
1975 - the castle was restored and opened to the public.

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