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Italy Blog #87: Pompeii Part 8: The Gymnasium and Bath House

The Stabian Bath house
The ancient people of Pompeii seemed to have everything they needed to make a great living. From outdoor plumbing, to restaurants and bakeries, to sports, art, and gods. The also had gymnasiums and bath houses as part of their fitness and they even had indoor heating! Read on...
Wall of the men's bath

THE STABIAN BATHS OR "TERME STABIANI" - It was a large gymnasium and a bath house. In the gym, romans would wrestle, run and do other exercises. The middle class didn't have baths in their homes so they would go to the gymnasium to bathe.

BATH HOUSE - There were separate bath houses for the men and women. There was also a swimming pool. There was also cold water and warm water baths. It was pretty impressive for something built in 4 B.C.

Ceiling designs
Heated floor
HEAT IN THE FLOOR - In 2 rooms in a semi-ruinous state, had flooring raised on susupensurae or stacks of stone blocks. Their walls provided with air spaces for the passage of hot air. There was a stone furnace behind them (See photo we took!) 

THE ARTISTIC VAULTED CEILINGS - The vaulted ceiling is elaborately decorated with polychrome stuccoes featuring rosettes, cupids, trophies and bacchic figures. A Bacchic figure is one that honors the God Bacchus the god of wine. The definition of "Bacchic" is drunken and carousing; bacchanalian. 

Carving of a god
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