Friday, July 22, 2016

Health Update: Dolly and Rob - Good news for one!

Tyler and Dolly check out dogs in the waiting room
Dolly and I (Rob) have been dealing with health issues for quite a while. There's good news for Dolly thankfully!

NO MORE EYE ULCER! - On a visit to the Dog Ophthalmologist this week, the doctor confirmed that the refractory ulcer on Dolly's left eye has finally healed!

SUCH A PATIENT GIRL - Dolly sat perfectly still and let the doctor shine a light in her eyes, put dye in her eyes to check for the ulcer, and put other drops in. Dolly didn't flinch. She is so good. 

HOW IT HEALED -  We noticed that this time the contact lense had remained in her eye for about 6 days, allowing the cells under it to heal. Dolly is also grateful to be done with the 6 drops of medicine in her eye three times a day.

 Of course, Tyler came for support, and to bark at the other dogs in the waiting room. 

CLOUDINESS ISSUE IN BOTH EYES NOW -  Now, she gets one drop of in each eye to counteract cloudiness (it's supposed to be fluid build up), and it has made her right eye more clear over the last 2 weeks.
Dolly and Tyler wait for the doctor
GETTING TO THE "ROOT" OF ROB'S ISSUE - last week I had the root canal in the upper molar where 2 or 3 tooth roots had grown into the sinus! The root had created a pathway for mouth bacteria to go into the sinus and infect it (thus, the 3 plus month sinus infection). So, after a test on the tooth, an Endodontist concluded it was dead (he put dry ice against it and I didn't feel it - and thought that was a good thing. It wasn't) and it needed a root canal.

PAINLESS! - The Endodontist I went to was amazing... it was actually painless (except for the 2 tiny needles with the numbing agent). The tooth had a crown on it, so he went through the crown and did the root canal.

IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL IT'S OVER - So, that should cut off the problem... EXCEPT on Sunday night, I realized one side of crown had actually broken off exposing the dead tooth with the root canal. That meant Another dentist Appt... 
CROWN REMOVAL - So, the dentist couldn't repair the crown so it had to be taken off (drilled and split off) and now I have Temporary crown. 
(this tooth has now cost me almost $3,000 in the last 4 years. Yeah ONE tooth).

A RETURN TRIP TO SINUSITIS CITY- Unfortunately, the root canal wasn't done quickly enough to prevent a re-infection in my sinuses, so it's back to Sinusitis City for me this week again. I'm on a 6th Round of Antibiotics now, for another 3 weeks. Sigh.  Maybe I'll be 100% by the end of August...

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