Sunday, July 17, 2016

2 Bad Customer Service Experiences: City Hall and Post Office

Poor customer service
Have you ever had a customer service experience that was just so pathetic you had to vent about it?
Well, we had TWO in one day and we're VENTING.

1) RECYCLING BINS-  We have a good recycling program here in the city, but trying to get a new plastic bin to put your recyclables in has been impossible over the last 4 months of trying.  Our bin has been splintered since April as the recycle pick up guys just toss it back on the street after emptying it.
  - So, we called City Hall in March, April, May June and July checking back to get a replacement.
THREE TIMES they said "come in we have them." So, 3 times we went to City hall and the people manning the front reception desk had no idea what we were talking about. 
   The last time, Thursday, July 14, I messaged through their Facebook page.
Here's the response I received: (which was fine): Hello..... I just look in our lobby at City Hall where we keep them and there are some there... just come on by.
  SO, after work, Tom went to City Hall and the woman at the desk (who was clueless) said the bins there are "just for the city's use." She refused to give one to him and said "I have no idea where to get one." She didn't even know who the social media person was who responded to the FB message. 
  Aren't those things what a receptionist is supposed to know? 

A GOOD RESOLUTION-  I messaged BACK through Facebook and the Social media person said "I will bring one by your house this evening." At least someone provided customer service. But why did the social media person have to do the front desk person's job?

This would be reality if places understood their service was bad.
2)  POST OFFICE LAZINESS - I went to the post office at lunchtime to mail a package. I always bring a book with me in case there's a long line. Since there wasn't a line at the automated machine I used that to get postage. I set my book down on the machine and got the postage. I mailed the package in the bin and forgot my book! 
  So, I called the post office after I got home (since I had a telecon and couldn't return immediately). I told the clerk that I left the book on the postage machine and asked him to check for it.  He said "no one turned the book in, and it's not in the lost and found."  SIGH.
  Tom went to the post office on his way home from work and found it EXACTLY where I told the clerk to look for it. 
  The clerk obviously was too lazy to walk to the postage machine !!!

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