Friday, February 19, 2016

Part 1: What Do Presidential Candidates Stand for? Cruz, Carson, Rubio

Since so many people vote without really knowing the main things that political candidates stand for, we thought CBS News.   We copied and pasted these right from CBS News (who researched them from the candidate websites)
we'd help give clarification, thanks to
   So, we'll start with 3 of them from the Republican side (all of whom have common themes of
1) abolish Obamacare with no replacement
2) abolish gay marriage
2) deny climate change science
4) Don't accept refugees unless they're christian
5) defend the "right to bear arms" and oppose any gun checks.

**As a side note, we disagree with all of these** 

TOMORROW:  Trump, Bush, Kasich
FOLLOWING DAY: Sanders, Clinton

Ted Cruz
Job: U.S. senator (Texas), former Texas solicitor general
Best known for: Face of the tea party. Closest competitor to Trump. Champion of the tea party. Disliked by mainstream Republicans. Being born in Canada.
Key positions: Religious conservative
·         Opposes same-sex marriage.
·         Repeal Obamacare.
·         Stop accepting Syrian refugees, except Christians.
·         Postcard-sized tax form for Americans.
·         Abolish the IRS.
·         Secure the border, green cards for skilled workers.
·         No path to legal status (though he has said he supported in the past).
·         Abolish Common Core.
·         Advocate for school vouchers.
·         Defend Second Amendment rights.
·         Arm and support Kurds to help fight ISIS, increase air strikes.

Ben Carson
Job: Retired neurosurgeon
Best known for: Criticizing President Obama on healthcare in person. Political neophyte. First physician to successfully separate conjoined twins who also developed a new technique for treating brain seizures. Saying the unexpected. Scrutiny over his memoir.

Key positions: Running as outsider, religious conservative.
·         Flat tax based on tithing system.
·         Cut the federal budget: Cut every agency budget by 10 percent annually.
·         Immigration: Seal the border; punish employers hiring undocumented immigrants; national guest worker plan.
·         Climate change is cyclical, not a problem.
·         Oppose Common Core, support school vouchers.
·         Oppose most gun control, but has said mentally ill, violent offenders shouldn't have guns

Marco Rubio
Job: U.S. senator (Florida), former speaker of Florida state legislature
Best known for: Cuban-American pitching himself as candidate for a new generation. Supporting bipartisan "Gang of 8" immigration reform, which he now rejects.
·         Repeal Obamacare.
·         Defense hawk. Permanent troop presence in Iraq.
·         Cut spending for everything except military.
·         Oppose Common Core. Support school vouchers.
·         Cut corporate taxes and simplify individual tax brackets.
·         Doesn't think humans affect climate change.
·         Protect Second Amendment rights.
·         Border security is the top immigration priority.
·          Oppose a pathway to citizenship for those in the U.S. illegally.


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