Saturday, February 27, 2016

How Gullible Are You: Part 2: Deporting Veterans, PIlot Selfie,Fish Slapped and more

There are a lot more crazy things circulating around the Internet this month, and to help dispel falsehoods, or prove truth, here's the second of three parts of this month's "How Gullible Are You?"
See how you do...

1)  United States Deporting Military Veterans? - TRUE. Honorably-discharged veterans of the U.S. military have, under certain circumstances, either received deportation orders or been deported. It may come as a surprise to learn that serving in the United States military does not automatically confer citizenship, but it doesn't.  It can smooth the way, provided the aspiring citizen is aware of what they need to do in order to apply for citizenship and gets it done within a certain timeframe.   However, it's not uncommon for enlistees to wrongly assume (having never been told otherwise) they have done all they need to do in order to be awarded citizenship, and thus all they have to do after their honorable discharge is wait.

2) Cam Newton Arrested for Fixing Super Bowl?  FALSE -  Fake news reports the QB of the Carolina Panthers was arrested for "fixing" a Super Bowl game and betting against his team.

3)  Aborted Fetuses Found in Michigan Dumpster?  FALSE - A graphic image shows fetuses found along a riverbank in Nepal, not fetuses discovered in a Dumpster behind a Michigan abortion clinic.A right wing conservative used this photo to spread this false story to anger people against abortion clinics.

4) Michigan Senate Passes Law Banning Sodomy? - MOSTLY FALSE
A bill passed by the Michigan senate to strengthen state animal cruelty laws left intact old, unenforceable language criminalizing sodomy.
WHAT'S TRUE: The Michigan senate amended a portion of the state penal code dealing with animal cruelty without removing old, unenforceable language that criminalizes sodomy.
WHAT'S FALSE: Michigan has passed a new law banning oral and anal sex.

Fake Stadium Flyover Selfie
Origin:On 28 January 2016, the Michigan state senate passed SB219, a bill from Republican senator Rick Jones (commonly known as "Logan's Law") which amended a portion of the Michigan penal code pertaining to animal cruelty (primarily to crack down on the breeding, sale, and use of animals for "fighting and baiting" activities such as dogfights), by preventing anyone convicted of animal abuse from owning another animal for five years

5) Pilot Takes Selfie During Stadium Flyover?

A photograph purportedly showing a jet pilot taking a selfie while flying over a college football stadium is fake.
6)   Muslims Demand Prayer Room in Lancashire Craft Shop?
The truth about #6- There were NO problems.

WHAT'S TRUE: Four Muslim customers asked the owners of a rural craft shopping centre to provide them with space to pray.
WHAT'S FALSE: The men demanded they be provided with a prayer room, requiring police to respond to quell a near-riot.

The truth from the Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre (Right) said there was no problems.

7) McDonalds 'New Policy' Bans Customers from Buying Food for the Homeless? 
FALSE - Two incidents at one McDonald's in the United Kingdom were spun into a claim that the chain has implemented a new policy barring customers from buying food for the homeless.

8) Florida Man Arrested Over Wendy's Drive-Thru Gator Toss 
UNDER INVESTIGATION: A Florida man was arrested after allegedly "throwing" an alligator through a Wendy's drive-thru window in Oct. 2015. Although James appeared in court in February 2016, the incident in question occurred on 12 October 2015. We were unable to locate any reports (via social media or the news) about an alligator's being directed through a window at the Loxahatchee Wendy's, but the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office carries a record of James' arrest (including gator-related charges):

9) Woman Slapped in Face by Large Fish? FALSE   - A viral video shows a "weather reporter" getting smacked in the face during a broadcast, but the footage appears to be faked.- The woman in the video is Aimee Bannister, who isn't actually a weather reporter: She's part of the Welsh travel and adventure vlogging duo that goes by "Craig & Aimee," with a site called "Kinging-It." It appears that the fish was dead and gutted and someone threw it at her on purpose. VIDEO:
 10)  Captain America Deemed Offensive?

A woman claimed that her brother's Captain America costume was deemed "offensive" by school officials, but details of the incident conflicted with that claim. 
WHAT'S TRUE: Rondout Valley High School student Steven Snyder's Captain America costume caught the eye of school administrators due to its inclusion of a prohibited ammunition belt.  (WELL OF COURSE!)
WHAT'S FALSE: The school deemed a Captain America costume (or patriotism in general) to be "offensive."

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